Joe Biden isn’t done destroying the economy just yet as his latest move will send gas prices soaring

Joe Biden has done more damage to the American economy in less than a year than anyone could have possibly imagined.

His administration’s energy policies continue to draw major criticism as gas prices soar ahead of the cold winter months.

And Joe Biden isn’t done destroying the economy just yet as his latest move will send gas prices soaring.

According to a new report, the Biden administration is weighing the potential market consequences of shutting down an oil pipeline in Michigan.

Yes, Joe Biden wants to shut down another pipeline.

Not surprisingly this is drawing criticism from a number of opponents.

Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, claimed that heating prices will rise this winter regardless of the Biden administration’s decision on the pipeline.

“Yeah, this is going to happen. It will be more expensive this year than last year,” Granholm told CNN.

She doesn’t care that the average American will suffer due to rising fuel costs.

Sources say that Biden hasn’t yet decided what to do with Line 5 and that officials were only gathering information to present a clear picture of the situation.

Line 5 is a part of a larger network that moves crude oil and petroleum products from western Canada.

Jason Hayes is the director of environmental policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and he blasted the Biden administration for its terrible energy policies.

“They’re planning to power an industrial nation like the United States on solar panels and wind turbines,” Hayes said.

According to Hayes, shutting Line 5 could leave Americans cold and without power in some of the coldest months of the year.

“I hope it doesn’t end like this, but where I see it going is unfortunately the same thing that happened in February in Texas: People freezing in their homes,” he said, adding, “Most of the time when it’s extremely cold or there’s a real bad polar vortex situation, typically it’s pretty cloudy and there’s not a lot of wind.”

Republican lawmakers have voiced their displeasure with the possible shutting down – more than a dozen sent a letter to Biden warning against it.

Americans are already struggling with the rapidly rising energy prices and global supply shortages, this would only compound the problems.

But again the Democrats sit in their ivory towers not worrying about the common man, only worrying about themselves and how they can gain ultimate control.

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