Joe Biden is using tax dollars in this one racist way

Biden is on a spending spree making his “woke” agenda a reality.

He won’t be happy until everyone bends the knee to his Marxist critical race theory ideas.

And Joe Biden is using tax dollars in this one racist way.

Joe Biden and his radical cronies in office spent the last year encouraging looting, riots, and discrimination against white people based on the color of their skin. 

What their radical BLM and Antifa base left was billions of dollars in property damage, countless peoples’ livelihoods ruined, and a nation further divided.

“Woke” corporations have been more than happy to tow-the-line of critical race theory by subjecting their employees to undergo “racial awareness” and “racial sensitivity” trainings.

And now Joe Biden is trying to indoctrinate millions of children in the public school system with BLM talking points.

Congress has earmarked $200 billion in relief funds for K-12 schools over the past year to help schools reopen from the COVID-19 lockdowns.

There is a string attached, as the New York Post reports: 

The American Rescue Plan requires districts to reserve 20 percent of funds for “evidence-based” interventions that “respond to students’ academic, social and emotional needs” — a very sensible charge. But the devil is in the definition, and Team Biden’s guidance booklet for spending ARP funds suggests that students’ social and emotional needs include the disruption of “whiteness” and the propagation of critical race theory.

The Biden-endorsed document urges districts to “Remove all punitive or disciplinary practices that spirit-murder black, brown and indigenous children” and provide “free, antiracist therapy for White educators and support staff” and “free, radical self/collective care and therapy for educators and support staff of color.”

Rather than focus on teaching children Math and Science – two subjects the United States is falling behind in to China – Biden is more focused on creating an “us v. them” dynamic for students and faculty alike. 

For now, these are just recommendations, but there is no doubt that the liberal states will gladly fall in line with this codified racism.

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