Joe Biden is thrilled the GOP caved on this Pro-Life issue faster than expected

The Republican party was riding high after big wins in Virginia in 2021.

And they did it largely because of pro-life voters fooled into thinking the GOP actually cared about the issue.

But now, Joe Biden is thrilled that the GOP have caved on this pro-life issue even faster than he expected.

It seems that every two years Republicans come begging for votes from conservatives.

They appeal to the conservative base with grandiose plans of how they will cut taxes, cut spending, shrink government, restore individual liberty, defend the second amendment, and of course defend the unborn.

They convince conservatives and well-meaning Christians of the greatest lie in American politics, that they must vote for the lesser of two evils.

They use bogus groups with legitimate sounding names to do their bidding. And far too many people buy into their scheme.

And that’s when we end up with a Virginia situation.

Republicans took control of all three state-wide offices and the state house, thanks in large part to the pro-life issue, and pro-life voters who were duped yet again by the GOP and their access-based “pro-life” front groups.

Governor Glenn Youngkin, who convinced many he was solidly pro-life, started backtracking on the issue even before the November elections by refusing to sign any substantial pro-life bill.

And so-called “pro-life” groups tripped over themselves to give him a pass in order to be invited to his inauguration, and be considered “important,” babies lives be damned.

Groups like Virginia Society for Human Life, Susan B. Anthony, National Right to Life and other access-based “pro-life” groups gave Youngkin a pass on his sell out and decided it was ok to allow babies to continue to die in exchange for weak pro-life bills allowing 95% of abortions to still continue.

Then it got worse, much worse.

A freshman member of the newly Republican House of Delegates drafted a fetal heartbeat bill and ran it through legislative drafting. On the last day for bills to be introduced, just as she was ready to file the bill, she received a visit from someone claiming to represent Governor Youngkin.

The delegate was told in no uncertain terms that Governor Youngkin did not want the bill introduced.

Instead, another Republican delegate would introduce a 20-week abortion ban bill.

Legislation which would be largely symbolic, as almost no abortions in Virginia are performed after 20 weeks.

The freshman delegate relented, pulled the bill and, like too many babies, let the heartbeat bill die.

Then, Republican leaders in the Virginia House of Delegates announced they weren’t going to consider the 20-week abortion ban legislation either. Even though it was the “compromise” offered by the Governor’s “representative.”

House Courts of Justice Chairman Rob Bell (R) said he would not give the bill a hearing because he believed it stood no chance of passing in the Senate.

Bell’s reasoning was idiotic as one Democrat senator had publicly announced support for the bill which would have made it a tie vote, which would have been broken by Republican Lt. Governor Winsome Sears, a strong Pro-Life advocate.

The real reason Bell pulled the bill was that it protects House and Senate Republicans from going on record on the issue.

Once again, so-called “pro-life” groups gave the GOP cover, saying they were not disappointed by the decision.

“One has to be realistic. The Senate is an obstacle course for any legitimate, substantial pro-life legislation,” said Olivia Gans Turner, president of the Virginia Society for Human Life. “We have another year to wait before some changes occur in the Senate. And one hopes we will see a more pro-life Senate.”

Another year? How many babies will die in that year?

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