Joe Biden is sweating bullets after this catastrophic blunder was revealed

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a catastrophe for the country.

One move could be setting up for an unimaginable tragedy.

Now Joe Biden is sweating bullets after this catastrophic blunder was revealed.

Joe Biden’s Presidency went into a nose dive after his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The withdrawal turned into one of the biggest foreign policy debacles in American history.

Every step of the way the Biden regime fumbled the situation creating a lowest point for America abroad since Jimmy Carter.

The regime cut corners for security screening to get as many Afghan allies out of the country as possible to try and save face.

Biden and his lackeys in the corporate-controlled media portrayed the botched evacuation as a modern-day Berlin Airlift.

Afghan allies who worked closely with the U.S. like interpreters were supposed to be evacuated to avoid a grisly fate at the hands of the new Taliban government for cooperating with the Americans.

Individuals connected to the Taliban government were supposed to be restricted from the program.

Now the Biden regime is expanding the program that let Afghan interpreters into the country to allow employees of the terrorist Taliban government entry.

An Inspector General’s report blew the lid off of this bone-chilling move by the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department.

The agencies announced “new exemptions” for Afghans entering the U.S. for “individuals who worked as civil servants under the Taliban” and “individuals who provided only certain limited material support to the Taliban or other designated terrorist organizations.”

A statement from Homeland Security said the new exemption will “ensure that individuals who have lived under Taliban rule, such as former civil servants, those required to pay service fees to the Taliban to do things like pass through a checkpoint or obtain a passport, and those who fought against the Taliban are not mistakenly barred because of overly broad applications of terrorism-related inadmissibility grounds (TRIG) in our immigration law.”

Joe Biden is using a program to bring Afghan allies as cover to allow former Taliban employees and individuals connected to terrorist groups into the country.

While the exemptions promise to thoroughly review each Afghan on a case-by-case basis, this is fraught with peril.

Forged documents are common in Afghanistan and the Biden regime has been caught red-handed in sloppy vetting procedures for Afghans before.

Previously the Defense Department Inspector General found that 50 Afghans with “significant security concerns” made it into the U.S.

Among those 50 were individuals whose fingerprints were found on IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) used against American troops.

“Known or suspected terrorists” were also identified in the group.

It only takes one terrorist slipping into America to create an unimaginable tragedy.

While the Taliban “promised” to reform their terrorist-supporting ways, the group is still aiding and abetting them.

Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al Zawahiri was killed in a drone strike in the home of a top Taliban official in the country’s capital of Kabul.

Joe Biden’s reckless America-Last policies are potentially putting the lives of Americans at risk.

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