Joe Biden is running for cover as American truckers lock arms with their Canadian counterparts

Joe Biden and the COVID regime want the pandemic to drag on forever.

But everyday citizens are beginning to push back in big numbers.

Now, Joe Biden is running for cover as American truckers lock arms with their Canadian counterparts.

An increasing number of Canadian truck drivers are joining a massive convoy in protest of the country’s COVID policies.

People are rebelling against the forced vaccines that globalist leaders are pushing on their citizens.

Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate was struck down by the Supreme Court, a vote that scarily would’ve gone the other way had Hillary Clinton won in 2016 and gotten to appoint three justices to tilt the court to the Left.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went into hiding in response to the massive protest in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city.

Trudeau denounced the protesters as a group of racists and bigots, which makes absolutely no sense.

Nonwhite groups are some of the most resistant to forced vaccines.

A supposed protester, whose face was completely obscured, milled around holding a Confederate flag, and he was told to leave.

It’s not uncommon for provocateurs to show up and attempt to discredit a movement.

Democrats got busted doing the same thing in the recent Virginia gubernatorial race.

Trudeau’s absurd dismissal of the trucker convoy spurred Jordan Peterson to brand him a coward.

Trudeau then conveniently announced that he had contracted COVID, which facilitated an extended isolation.

In reality, the trucker convoy protest is organic, and growing.

People are rejecting the vaccine mandates.

Klaus Schwab of the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) wrote a book about how COVID would usher in a “great reset” of the global economy.

It’s no wonder people do not trust leaders like Biden and Trudeau.

One of the members of the WEF admitted that global elites trusted each other more, but the people in their countries trusted them less and less.

The trucker convoy is a perfect illustration of citizens rejecting soulless elites foisting medical tyranny upon them.

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