Joe Biden is “reestablishing” a Trump immigration policy after his border crisis failure

Throughout his Presidency, far-left Democrats like Joe Biden claimed Donald Trump’s immigration policies were racist, immoral, and a “national shame.”

And just hours after taking office, Biden sought to fulfill his campaign promises to illegal aliens by attempting to undo Trump’s policies.

But now that those actions have proven disastrous through his border crisis failure, Joe Biden is “reestablishing” a key Trump immigrations policy he, and the media, once attacked.

In 2019, then-President Donald Trump established the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), which the media and left dubbed the “Remain in Mexico” program.

The MPP required those seeking asylum in the U.S. to wait in their home countries for their court hearing, rather than entering the country illegally and avoiding proper vetting.

Since the program was established, the media attacked it as some sort of sinister plot by Trump to lock up illegal aliens in “concentration camps” and outsource those camps to other nations.

“The policy is likely to end up harming both migrants and the rule of law worldwide by exporting a network of concentration camps across the southern border,” The Washington Post wrote in July 2019. “In doing so, the United States will perpetuate a trend from recent decades in which countries outsource civilian captivity and abuse to other nations.”

Aside from that media malpractice, during the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden made eliminating the MPP a cornerstone of his immigration agenda, and pledged to immediately eliminate the program.

Upon taking office, Biden shut down the program and proceeded to quickly bring tens of thousands of illegal aliens in the MPP waiting to be processed into the United States.

But since Biden eliminated the MPP, as well as many other immigration policies enacted by Trump, our southern border has spiraled into utter chaos causing a crisis of epic proportions.

And after weeks of denying the border crisis even existed as the media attempted to cover for his administration, Biden has finally decided to reverse course and turn back to Trump’s policies to help clean up his mess.

On Sunday, Biden admitted that outside of simply telling illegal aliens not to come to the U.S. right now – which he apparently thought would fix everything just days ago – his administration will be “reestablishing” Trump’s MPP program to keep illegal aliens in their countries until they can be properly processed.

“We’re in the process of doing it now, including making sure that we reestablish what existed before, which was they can stay in place and make their case from their home countries,” Biden said.

The Biden administration has finally admitted what tens of millions of Americans have known for years now, despite the claims of the far-left and their allies in the media – Donald Trump’s immigration policies were right all along.

In just two months, Biden has proven that the far-left immigration policies he and his party support would only serve to destabilize the United States and create an even bigger crisis than the one they created at the southern border.

Their only hope for solving this issue is to turn back to the very policies they demonized when Trump put them in place.

Of course, since it is a far-left Democrat enacting the policy this time around, there’s no doubt that the Left and media will have little to say about the MPP.

In fact, once Biden reestablishes Trump’s policies and the border crisis is extinguished, he will be celebrated without an ounce of credit being given to the actual President responsible for the policy.

Regardless, while the media and the far-left will never admit it, Joe Biden is now on the record admitting that he was wrong, and Trump was right this entire time.

And in today’s world, in which facts that don’t align with the far-left agenda are censored, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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