Joe Biden is pursuing one insane policy that Ron DeSantis tried to warn against

The Democrats have adopted wildly radical ideas.

Even so-called “moderates” like Joe Biden are on board with the craziness.

Now Biden is pursuing one insane policy that Ron DeSantis tried to warn against.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law to combat “woke” gender ideology indoctrination in kindergarten through third grade in public schools.

Leftists clutched their pearls and argued that such indoctrination was not taking place.

But the Biden administration is now enforcing the indoctrination from the executive branch.

In a press release announcing executive action, the Biden administration wrote, “President Biden pledged to help end so-called ‘conversion therapy’ – a discredited and dangerous practice that seeks to suppress or change the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBTQI+ people. Today, President Biden is using his executive authority to launch an initiative to protect children across America and crack down on this harmful practice, which every major medical association in the United States has condemned. Children who are exposed to so-called ‘conversion therapy’ face higher rates of attempted suicide and trauma. Numerous states across the country have already passed bipartisan laws to prevent exposure to so-called ‘conversion therapy,’ with Republican and Democratic governors signing state bans on conversion therapy into law. Yet despite these efforts, many people in the United States and around the world are still subjected to this practice.”

There has been a concerted effort by the Left to broaden out the definition of conversion therapy.

It once meant the barbaric practice of using electroshock therapy to curb homosexual urges.

But now the term is being used to encompass people who are opposed to “gender-affirming care,” meaning that if a child says he or she is transgender, then a parent or medical professional could get in trouble with the state for engaging in “conversion therapy.”

Abigail Shrier – author of Irreversible Damage, a sobering look at the harmful consequences of gender transition – explained on her Substack, “CPS [Child Protective Services] has already become thoroughly politicized and weaponized by the Left. Dozens and dozens of loving parents have told me over the last two years that CPS showed up at their homes or threatened their custody or even testified against them in court, all for the sin of failing to ‘affirm’ their minor child’s newly-announced gender identity or vetoing the kid’s immediate medical transition.”

The Left are attempting to radically change the culture from the top down.

Nobody voted for it, and there was no consensus.

The elites determined that this is the new status quo, and everyone who disagrees is not only a bigot, but could run afoul of the federal government.

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