Joe Biden is purging conservatives from the military – and the reason why is all too clear

Joe Biden has taken a wrecking ball to the United States.

His economic policies have contributed to the worst inflationary crisis in 40 years.

Now Biden is purging conservatives from the military – and the reason why is all too clear.

One of Donald Trump’s greatest achievements was appointing three Justices to the Supreme Court.

If Hillary Clinton had won, she would’ve gotten three picks.

That means that Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate (or her mandate if she had won a second term) would have been upheld by the Supreme Court.

That means every business with 50 or more employees would have been susceptible to an OSHA crackdown and fines that could’ve put them out of business.

However, Biden’s mandate stood for executive branch employees, including the military.

And the mandate is forcing as many as 100,000 servicemembers out of the military.

Republican Congressmen Mike Johnson (LA), Chip Roy (TX), and Thomas Massie (KY) wrote a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin demanding answers as to how Biden’s vaccine mandate has affected military readiness.

Johnson said in a statement, “The Biden Administration’s military vaccine mandate is clearly harming military readiness by creating unnecessary recruiting and retention shortfalls . . . And now, after the Pentagon has tried, and failed, to make up the difference by reducing recruitment standards, over 100,000 active servicemembers—who taxpayers paid to train—face discharge during the worst recruiting year in our military’s history.”

In addition to lowering standards, the military has put forward embarrassing recruitment videos, such as showing a female soldier with two lesbian mothers taking her to a political protest when she was a kid.

Congressman Roy said, “Joe Biden’s message to young, healthy American patriots is clear: unless you submit to taking a politicized, ineffective COVID-19 vaccine, you cannot serve in the Armed Forces . . . Through their tyrannical military vaccine mandate, this Administration is intentionally forcing out thousands of the brave men and women who sacrifice to serve our country. This de facto ideological purge will continue to undermine our military readiness for years to come.”

Roy is 100% correct.

The people most likely to reject the vaccine are servicemembers who lean conservative, so the mandate serves the purpose of weeding out those who might oppose Biden’s extreme push for one-party rule in America.

Considering how Biden has already weaponized the DOJ and FBI against conservatives, it’s understandable why he wants ideological conformity in the military.

Massie wrote, “Telling servicemembers they can apply for religious exemptions from COVID vaccine mandates while denying almost all requests received is fraud . . . A policy of blanket denials is unjust, especially when the COVID shots forced on the military by the Secretary of Defense were not FDA approved as is legally required for any compulsory vaccine.”

When Biden took office, Secretary Austin issued a shocking stand-down order for the armed forces in order to investigate “extremism” in the military.

Biden is not hiding the fact he wants ideological compliance throughout the executive branch.

And after Biden’s dark and divisive “soul of a nation” speech at Independence Hall, the reason why is becoming all too clear.

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