Joe Biden is in panic mode over this Democrat’s 2024 announcement

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Joe Biden is the weakest incumbent President since Jimmy Carter.

Biden has a major campaign problem on his hands.

And Joe Biden is in panic mode over this Democrat’s 2024 announcement.

West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin recently announced he was retiring from the Senate, but not politics.

Even though Manchin votes the socialist line in Congress he gives off the vibe of a centrist because of his demeanor and the fact that he hails from one of the reddest states in America.

In a video announcing his retirement, Manchin didn’t rule out a return to politics saying he planned to try and rally the middle of the electorate.

That led to speculation that Manchin bowed out of running for re-election in the Senate – a race he was sure to lose – to instead run for President on the “No Labels” so-called “unity ticket.”

No Labels raised $70 million in funding to secure ballot access for an independent ticket of one Democrat and one RINO.

Manchin is thought to fit the bill for the type of Democrat No Labels is looking to put on their Presidential ticket.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Kristen Welker, Manchin didn’t deny interest in a Presidential bid as Manchin claimed his number one fear was that Joe Biden can’t defeat Donald Trump.

“Here’s what i’m seriously contemplating. I’ve said this clearly, people say, are you going to run? I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure, and immobilize the common sense middle that could be a center left, center right. It could be a person involved in the Grand Old Party forever, but they’ve basically said my Democrat friends over here, the old Blue Dog Democrats, that the middle is gone. There’s not many centrists left. If I can reinvigorate that, I will do everything that I possibly can. I’m scared to death that Donald Trump will become President again. I think we will lose democracy as we know it,” Manchin stated.

Welker again asked Manchin if he was open to a Presidential bid to which Manchin answered in the affirmative.

“You’re saying does that mean you would consider it? Absolutely, every American should consider if they’re in a position to help save the country. I think we’re on the wrong course. I will do everything possible,” Manchin concluded.

The RealClearPolitics polling average shows Trump with a slight lead over Biden by 1.3 percent.

There is no polling data that shows the presence of a third-party candidate like Manchin on the ballot helps Biden.

In fact, Manchin, through his phony branding as a “centrist” Democrat, could very well cripple Biden’s chances as Democrats and soft Republicans who disapprove of both Biden and Trump would have an option to cast their ballot for a Democrat, but not vote to put the senile, 81-year-old Biden back in the White House.

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