Joe Biden is in big trouble after his ties to illegal drug cartels were exposed

Just weeks into his presidency, Joe Biden is working overtime to change America. 

He wants to mold it into his far-left vision. 

But he could hit a snag after finding himself in big trouble after his ties to illegal drug cartels were exposed. 

Mexico’s government recently came out stating that Joe Biden and his pro-illegal immigration policies are emboldening violent criminal cartels. 

He has sent a signal to cartels that the border is wide open for them, which has resulted in an unprecedented amount of criminal activity at the border. 

And as all this is going on, he is working on pushing through his nominee for Associate Attorney General, Vanita Gupta.

If confirmed, Gupta would become one of the most powerful law enforcement figures in the United States. 

But in a troubling development, she has ties to Mexican cartels through her father’s company.

Gupta owns between $11 million and $55 million in stock in Avantor, a company that sold acetic anhydride to Mexican cartels, which used it to make “high-grade ‘china white’ heroin and methamphetamine,” according to reports. 

This information came to light during a criminal investigation being conducted by Mexico, as a result Gupta’s father’s company stopped selling acetic anhydride in Mexico. 

Gupta’s nomination flies in the face of Biden’s campaign platform, which stated he would “hold accountable big Pharma companies, executives, and others responsible for their role in triggering the opioid crisis.” Noting that he intends to “[d]irect the U.S. Justice Department to make actions that spurred this crisis a top investigative and, where appropriate, civil and criminal enforcement priority.”

But most importantly, it brings up questions as to how harsh Biden will be on criminal cartels, considering that a company a top Justice Department nominee has deep ties to was directly supplying those cartels. 

Gupta’s nomination hearing was on March 9, where she was dodgy when it came to answering any questions at all. 

Sen. Ted Cruz questioned her on her views on gun rights, abortion, and religious liberty, yet she refused to answer any of those questions, instead insisting she would only apply the law of the land.

On her Twitter account, she has often pushed her far-left views, and attacked President Trump and his allies. 

In one tweet less than a year ago, she attacked Trump official Jared Kushner based on his race, referring to him as “The Patron Saint of Unqualified White Men.”

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