Joe Biden is headed to the Supreme Court in the one case that could break him

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Joe Biden’s lawless administration is facing a reckoning.

Democrats are looking at another big loss.

And that’s because Joe Biden is headed to the Supreme Court in the one case that could break him.

United States District Judge Andrew Hanen of the Southern District of Texas dealt the Biden administration another legal setback by reaffirming his July 16, 2021, ruling holding that the amnesty program for the children of illegal aliens that Barack Obama instituted back in 2012 was illegal.

Donald Trump tried to end this program in 2017 but Chief Justice Roberts joined with the liberals to claim Trump did not follow the Administrative Procedures Act when terminating the program.

Texas and nine other states sued and Judge Hanen ruled the amnesty program illegal.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the ruling and Hanen reaffirmed himself.

But the ruling did not shut down the program and allowed initial amnesty permit applications to proceed.

“That program is vacated, and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is enjoined from implementing Final Rule DACA until a further order of the Court, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, or the Supreme Court of the United States,” Hanen stated.

“A Final Judgment has not been entered in this case, so all matters not being addressed by an appellate court are still pending in this Court and subject to its jurisdiction,” Hanen added.

The White House promised an appeal which will set up a Supreme Court showdown.

“We are deeply disappointed in today’s DACA ruling from the District Court in Southern Texas. On day one of his Administration, President Biden issued a memorandum directing the federal government to take all appropriate actions to ‘preserve and fortify’ the DACA policy. Consistent with that directive, the Administration has defended the DACA policy from legal challenges, and issued a final rule codifying this longstanding policy. During this Administration, hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients have been able to live and work lawfully in our country without fear of deportation,” a White House statement read.

“As we have long maintained, we disagree with the District Court’s conclusion that DACA is unlawful, and will continue to defend this critical policy from legal challenges. While we do so, consistent with the court’s order, DHS will continue to process renewals for current DACA recipients and DHS may continue to accept DACA applications,” the statement added.

Immigration is a radioactive issue for Democrats.

Joe Biden opened the border on his first day in office and the American people were furious.

The RealClearPolitics polling average shows just 33 percent of Americans approve of Joe Biden’s open borders agenda.

Americans don’t want amnesty for illegal aliens.

But that is exactly what Joe Biden is heading to court to fight for.

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