Joe Biden is furious that Hispanic voters in Texas are doing the one thing he fears most

The Democrats are facing a tough midterm election year.

Their only hope is to try and win back some of their core constituencies.

That’s why Joe Biden is furious that Hispanic voters in Texas are doing the one thing he fears most.

Nothing seems to be going right for Joe Biden and his inept administration.

From the economy to COVID to foreign policy, every single indicator is a disaster for him and the Democrats.

It turns out corruption, socialism, and police-state tactics aren’t popular with the American people.

And that includes even some of the Democrats core constituencies.

In 2020, Donald Trump did better among Blacks and Hispanics than any Republican in recent memory.

And it now appears, at least among Hispanics, that trend is continuing.

Some early voting analysis in two heavily Hispanic counties at the Texas border with Mexico is giving Democrats some bad news.

The data strongly suggests Republicans are outpacing Democrats in both voter enthusiasm and turnout.

And a number of Hispanic politicians in the Lonestar State have told Fox News that these two districts are part of a larger, statewide, trend.

And political observers point out the early data is showing a larger trend of Hispanic voters supporting Republican candidates in areas that have long been dominated, if not completely controlled, by Democrats.

It seems that the Republican message of family values, border security and cracking down on crime is resonating with voters, especially Hispanic voters.

To the surprise of many Democrat operatives and pollsters, it is turning out that many Hispanics along the border are in favor of border security and don’t want their families attacked by violent criminals.

Issues that many Republicans have successfully tied together.

A vast majority of Texas Hispanics came to the country legally and are not in favor of mass illegal immigration and the rampant drug violence and crime that has been coming with it.

They are furious at not just the crime but also the school overcrowding and drain on resources that has come with Biden’s “open borders” policies and the flood of illegals crossing the border.

Additionally, many Hispanics feel Democrats have taken them for granted and ignored their very deeply held religious views and their strong Catholic faith on issues such as abortion and gay marriage.

The current trends show that the GOP is continuing to make great strides with Hispanic voters in once solidly blue areas of Texas.

This continues the trend started when former President Donald Trump increased his support from Hispanic voters from 2016 to 2020 in Texas, including a stunning victory over Biden in the border county of Zapata.

A Republican had not won a presidential election in Zapata since Reconstruction.

If this trend continues in Texas, and the rest of the country, Democrats are in for a long year, but America is in for a very short election night on November 8.

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