Joe Biden is furious at one red state for attempting to clean up his border crisis mess

Joe Bien has started fires across the country on a number of issues.

And illegal immigration is near the top of the list.

Now Biden is furious at one red state for attempting to clean up his border crisis mess.

The Biden administration has done nothing to fix the border crisis.

In fact, Joe Biden has actively made the problem worse thanks to his nonsensical policies.

On day one of taking office, Biden reversed all of Donald Trump’s effective border measures in order to curb illegal immigration into the country.

Since Biden wasn’t interested in solving the problem of unfettered illegal immigration into the United States, Arizona continued the construction of a border barrier by stacking large shipping containers in an area where there was a gap along the border.

The Biden administration was furious at Arizona and attempted to strong-arm the red state to remove the containers, but Governor Doug Ducey is not complying.

Ducey said, “Arizonans cannot – and will not – wait for federal bureaucrats to do their job and secure the border. We’re taking action now.”

The Hill reported that “Arizona has refused the federal government’s demand to take down double-stacked shipping containers it placed to fill gaps in the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, saying it won’t do so until the U.S. moves to construct a permanent barrier instead.

The Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs dug in its heels in an Oct. 18 letter to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, saying ‘the containers will remain in place until specific details regarding construction are provided.’ It was signed by Allen Clark, the department’s director.”

In addition to the Biden administration imploring the containers to come down, environmentalist groups have joined the fray in order to help Biden.

The Center for Biological Diversity wrote in a statement, “Your placement of shipping containers to ‘close the gaps’ in the border wall is nothing more than a contemptuous, failing publicity stunt. Media coverage of the failure of your publicity stunt has been extensive . . . The Border area that you are in the process of deploying your shipping containers is an established and critical movement corridor for federally listed and protected jaguars and ocelots . . . Further deployment of your shipping containers along the Border will obstruct the movement of and will prevent the recovery of endangered jaguar and ocelot. The shipping containers are reasonably certain to cause unlawful take of jaguar and ocelot.”

The Left are more concerned about the ocelot population than human trafficking and drug trafficking.

Implementing loony left-wing policies is why Biden has the country on a bad track.

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