Joe Biden is furious at CNN after they turned on him over something insane

After spending months working overtime to get Joe Biden into the White House, CNN expects special treatment from Biden. 

But as it turns out, CNN isn’t happy about how the President is treating them.

And now Joe Biden is furious at CNN after they turned on him over something insane. 

The Left was expecting Joe Biden to fix all the problems they have with the United States as soon as he took office. 

They put all their faith in him as their hero, a position that Biden happily claimed he would fulfill.

But now that he is in office, Biden isn’t making anybody happy with his agenda. 

Particularly, he is infuriating both the Left and the Right when it comes to illegal immigration.

His position of opening the border, enacting catch and release, and offering amnesty to millions of illegal aliens is backfiring. 

This position is causing a surge of illegal immigration at levels never before seen. 

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are flooding the border every month.

And with that increase is causing an unheard of overflow of migrant facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border, many of which are filled with unaccompanied minors. 

Biden has been trying to hide this fact, but new pictures coming from Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar and Project Veritas show these facilities crammed with illegal immigrants. 

And CNN’s Jake Tapper is furious, but more than anything he is angry that Biden isn’t allowing the media to access these facilities.

He began with a highly critical overview of the situation. 

“A humanitarian crisis in this country growing more severe by the minute as thousands of migrant children without parents or guardians are overwhelming facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border,” Tapper said. “As a new administration struggles to explain how it is going to better handle this influx humanely while also discouraging future migrants.”

Tapper went on to describe the pictures released by Rep. Cuellar, stating that it shows “mostly teenagers crammed together, wrapped in mylar blankets,” in a situation “not all that different from heartbreaking images we saw during the Trump years or for that matter during a similar crisis when Barack Obama was President in 2014.”

The fake news host then hammers Biden for refusing to give media access to the facilities. 

Tapper concluded, “Today we saw this rare look inside these facilities since the Biden administration has not granted the news media access to the facilities citing COVID restrictions despite the president’s promise in his inaugural address to always level with you. Blocking access to the news media is not leveling with the American people, Mr. President.”

Things clearly aren’t going well between CNN and Biden. 

Now that Biden fulfilled his purpose of getting President Trump out of office, CNN isn’t treating him quite as nicely as they did on the campaign trail.

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