Joe Biden is freaking out after Trump scored a victory he didn’t see coming

Joe Biden’s Presidency isn’t going well.

This is ironic considering he believes he won the biggest victory in history.

And Joe Biden is freaking out after Trump scored a victory he didn’t see coming.

Joe Biden and his Democrat pals can’t seem to go a day without bragging about their claim that Biden got more votes than any Presidential candidate in history.

They believe that is proof of massive, overwhelming support for Biden and his agenda.

But there is plenty of evidence that the American people don’t stand with Biden.

Just looking at polls on Biden’s job performance should be enough to prove that.

This week, Biden was smacked with even worse news following a new fundraising report from Donald Trump’s political team.

Despite Trump not yet announcing whether he’ll run for President in 2024, his committees have been raising funds to support his America First agenda.

And his newest fundraising report shows that he has a jaw-dropping $102 million war chest heading into the 2022 midterm and 2024 general elections.

The federal filings show that Trump’s political committees have raked in $82 million during the first half of 2021, and have $102 million in the bank.

This is despite Trump being banned from all major social media platforms.

This news shows that Trump raised nearly as much as both the Democrats and Republicans in the first six months of this year.

He clearly is the most popular figure in politics, otherwise there would be no way to muster that type of fundraising cash.

In contrast, the Democrat National Committee brought in $87.1 million this year so far, with the Republican National Committee bringing in $85 million in the same period.

“Trump-affiliated groups have raised a total of more than $56m on the online Republican fundraising platform WinRed, leapfrogging the Republican National Committee ($19m) and the Republican Senate and House party committees combined ($23m raised by the National Republican Senatorial Committee and $26m raised by the National Republican Congressional Committee),” the Financial Times reported.

The money raised by Trump is expected to be spent in 2022 to target anti-Trump Republicans in primaries like Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who Trump has already pledged to campaign against.

And if he keeps up this level of fundraising, he will have a huge amount of cash on hand for a potential 2024 run.

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