Joe Biden is embarrassed after a hot mic caught him using expletives while speaking to a local Mayor in Florida

    Joe Biden regularly humiliates himself in public.

    The latest incident took place when Joe Biden traveled to Florida to meet Ron DeSantis and get a first-hand look at the damage inflicted by Hurricane Ian.

    But Joe Biden is embarrassed after a hot mic caught him using expletives while speaking to a local Mayor in Florida.

    Midterm elections have historically served as a referendum on the sitting President’s Party.

    This is bad news for Democrats, as Joe Biden’s approval ratings are in the tank.

    A Civiqs poll released on Monday showed only 39 percent of voters approve of Joe Biden.

    Joe Biden is furiously scrambling to elevate his numbers ahead of the Midterm elections.

    On Wednesday, Joe Biden traveled to Fort Myers, Florida with his wife Jill to tour the area and see the damage inflicted by Hurricane Ian.

    Hurricane Ian smashed into Florida’s southwest coast last week as a Category Four storm and wreaked havoc across the state.

    The storm caused billions of dollars in property and left dozens of people dead.

    Fort Myers took the brute of the storm and received more damage than anywhere else in the state.

    After speaking to reporters in Fort Myers, Joe Biden turned and approached Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy.

    “Keep the faith,” Biden said to Murphy.

    Unaware that his microphone was still live, Joe Biden continued talking to the mayor.

    “And by the way, you’re raised the same way I was,” Biden continued. “No one f*cks with a Biden.”

    “Yeah, you’re goddamn right,” the Mayor replied.

    “You can’t argue with your brothers outside the house,” Biden concluded, still unaware that his microphone was live and being recorded.

    No one knows exactly what Joe Biden and Mayor Murphy were discussing.

    People were quick to take to social media to discuss Biden’s hot mic embarrassing moment.

    Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity weighed in on Twitter, writing that “President Biden had a strange message for survivors of Hurricane Ian while touring the damage in Florida today.”

    Newsmax host Benny Johnson said it “sounds like something straight out of the Mafia,” and called it “fitting for the Biden crime family.”

    Joe Biden’s trip to Florida was supposed to show a strong President putting partisanship aside to help with the recovery efforts.

    But the main story is him getting caught on a hot mic reminded everyone that “no one f*cks with a Biden.”

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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