Joe Biden is asleep at the wheel over this hair-raising threat from China

Photo by Aboodi Vesakaran from Pexels

China is quietly working to build its influence and power in the United States.

But the federal government is nowhere to be found. 

Now Joe Biden is asleep at the wheel over this hair-raising threat from China.

China is gobbling American farmland while the government does nothing

Former President Donald Trump ran one of the toughest administrations on China in American history. 

But that all changed with the election of President Joe Biden.

He’s actively boosted the Chinese with his green energy agenda and support for electric vehicles.

The threat from China is growing, with the communist nation exploiting capitalism for its advantage.

Chinese citizens and businesses have been scooping up real estate all over the country.

Biden’s Department of Agriculture revealed that 40 million acres of American farmland are owned by foreign citizens and businesses, including 350,000 acres in the clutches of the Chinese.

Concerns are growing that some of these farm purchases could be fronts for espionage operations in the United States.

The Fufeng Group – a Chinese agricultural company – bought 300 acres of farmland outside of Grand Forks, North Dakota to build a corn mill.

Grand Forks Air Force Base – home to top-secret drone technology – was only 12 miles from the proposed mill.

Members of the Fufeng had connections to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

Fears grew that the corn mill could be used to conduct surveillance on the Air Force base. 

North Dakota politicians and the Air Force sounded the alarm about the threat of the Chinese plant, but the Biden administration did nothing.

Eventually, Grand Forks’ city council denied Fufeng a permit to build the proposed mill.

Florida and other Republican states have taken action to restrict the purchase of land near military installations by the Chinese or to outright ban them from owning it.

But the federal government hasn’t taken any action to stop China from gobbling up American farmland.

Iowa Republican is trying to stop China from buying farmland

Representative Ashley Hinson (R-IA) is trying to get a provision included in the annual must-pass Farm Bill to ban the Chinese from buying American farmland.

Hinson represents an agriculture-heavy district in northeast Iowa.

“Communist China shouldn’t be allowed to buy another acre of American farmland, nor should we rely upon our top foreign adversary for key parts of our food supply chain,” Hinson exclusively told

She said that farmers in her district warned about the danger posed by Chinese control over farmland.

“Iowa farmers have told me firsthand that if China decides to shut off U.S. access to these inputs, food production could slow to a halt,” Hinson said. 

One of the problems with confronting the threat posed by China and other foreign adversaries owning farmland is government incompetence.

The Agriculture Department’s record-keeping on foreign land purchases has been incomplete.

A government watchdog report found that the department is still tracking purchases on paper.

That’s why Hinson included a provision to improve record keeping and communications with other government agencies in the Farm Bill.

China is working beneath the radar to threaten national security by gobbling up American farmland while Joe Biden sits on his hands.