Joe Biden is about to pour gasoline on the border crisis by reversing one Trump policy

Joe Biden cannot afford another disaster on his hands.

But that’s exactly what’s shaping up on the southern border.

And Biden is about to pour gasoline on the border crisis by reversing one Trump policy.

Ever since taking office, it appears as if Biden is intent on worsening the immigration crisis.

He unwound many of Donald Trump’s effective border policies, and illegal crossings have reached record numbers.

Now Biden intends to make it worse by ending the Title 42 public health directive, which allowed the government to turn away migrants on the grounds of the COVID pandemic.

The Biden administration is preparing to nix the policy and freely admits that it will likely cause a surge at the border.

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfiield said in a press briefing, “This is a decision that we have long deferred to CDC, Title 42 is a public health directive, it is not an immigration or migration enforcement measure. So, the decision on when to lift Title 42, we defer to the CDC . . . [The administration is] planning for multiple contingencies [and that] there will be an influx of people to the border.”

But others believe that the word “influx” is insufficient.

Mark Morgan, former acting commissioner for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection under Trump, said, “It’s not going to be just another ‘surge’ . . . It’s going to be a crushing tidal wave of illegal immigration.”

Immigration is one of the top three issues that Americans care about, and Biden is ignoring them in pursuit of a radical border policy.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has already announced sweeping immigration policies that essentially decriminalize illegal border crossings.

Mayorkas said his agency will only prioritize people convicted of serious crimes in the United States.

Former DHS official Lora Ries said of the Biden administration, “Forget sanctuary cities – this turns America into a sanctuary country. Prominent leftists have spent the past months calling to ‘abolish ICE.’ The Biden administration effectively just made their wish come true.”

For some unspecified reasons, Democrats are hell-bent on increasing the number of people illegally entering the country.

Democrats have rushed to the extremes on the issue of illegal immigration, wildly out of step with the American people.

Getting rid of the Title 42 protocols is only going to explode the numbers of people claiming asylum.

And contrary to left-wing propaganda, most of the people attempting to enter the country are economic migrants, not asylum seekers.

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