Joe Biden is about to go completely insane after CNN gave him one order

Joe Biden has been the most extreme-left President in history.

But some think he hasn’t gone far enough.

And Joe Biden is about to go completely insane after CNN gave him one order. 

Since entering the White House in January, Joe Biden and his handlers have gone all-out to reverse the accomplishments of President Donald Trump. 

They have an agenda so extreme to the Left that it makes Barack Obama look moderate in comparison. 

Now, Biden and his allies in the Democrat Party are laying the groundwork for even more extreme measures to be forced into law. 

The biggest obstacle in their way is the filibuster, which gives a minority voice in the U.S. Senate the ability to block legislation, requiring 60 votes to pass most bills. 

This has stopped Democrats from passing many of their most extreme measures into law. 

Currently, Democrats are trying to end the filibuster to allow bills like their so-called “For the People” Act to federalize elections to pass. 

To his credit, Joe Biden has yet to outright support such a radical move.

But that could change, especially with Vice President Kamala Harris expressly supporting the action. 

Recently, Biden gave a speech about voting where he claimed that the fight against voter security laws is the most important battle since the Civil War. 

“We are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War,” Biden said. “That’s not hyperbole . . . The Confederates back then never breached the Capitol as insurrectionists did.”

Any sane American realizes just how ridiculous a statement like that is. 

But according to CNN, it wasn’t extreme enough.

On Wednesday afternoon’s CNN Newsroom, co-host Alisyn Camerota began the segment by gushing over Biden’s “very passionate speech about what he calls ‘the most serious test to our democracy since the Civil War’” in the form of “restrictive voting laws.”

But not everybody was as happy with his speech. 

CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash criticized Biden for not calling for an end to the filibuster, stating that he brought “a butter knife to a fight against a nuclear bomb.”

Bash said:

“Unless the President is going to go another step and going to say we need to actually change rules in the United States Senate to get this done so the federal government can have more of an impact, what he basically was doing was taking kind of a butter knife to a fight against a nuclear bomb and that is what the pressure is going to continue to be on the President to convince some of those moderate Democrats . . . that this is the one issue that is important to work around the filibuster on.”

If Biden takes their advice, things are about to become really crazy, really fast. 

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