Joe Biden instantly regretted letting these two words slip out of his mouth at a Black History Month reception

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Joe Biden makes his handlers nervous every time he speaks in public.

His frequent misspeaks and bumbling of words require constant damage control.

And Joe Biden instantly regretted letting these two words slip out of his mouth at a Black History Month reception.

Joe Biden recently spoke at a White House reception honoring Black History Month.

During the event, Biden took a swipe at Ron DeSantis during his speech over the Florida Governor’s war on the Left’s woke ideology.

DeSantis recently set off a firestorm after officials in Florida rejected an AP course for African American studies that violated the state’s law against injecting woke ideology into the curriculum.

Even though the AP course included “queer theory” and other woke nonsense, Democrats and the media falsely accused DeSantis of trying to erase black history.

“It’s important to say from the White House for the entire country to hear: history matters,” Biden said on Monday. “History matters and black history matters. I can’t just choose to learn what we want to know. We learn what we should know. We have to learn everything, the good, the bad, the truth, and who we are as a nation.”

“That’s what great nations do,” Biden added.

Known as the “Divine Nine,” the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) collaborative umbrella council is made up of nine historically African American fraternities and sororities.

Representatives from the Divine Nine attended Monday’s reception at the White House.

But Joe Biden made a fool out of himself when addressing the group during his speech.

“I may be a white boy, but I’m not stupid,” Biden said when looking at the Divine Nine members.

“I know where the power is,” Biden said. “You think I’m joking?” he continued, before adding that “I learned a long time ago about the Divine Nine.”

Joe Biden quickly came under fire on social media for what many deemed as “racist” remarks.

“Joe Biden is the most racist President to occupy the White House since Lyndon Johnson,” conservative author Nick Adams wrote.

“Biden makes entire White House crowd CRINGE in horror after calling himself ‘white boy’ at Black History Month event,” political columnist Benny Johnson wrote.

“They make these pandering, self-deprecating jokes . . . because they are actually the racists,” bestselling author John LeFevre wrote.

But right-wing media personality Collin Rugg may have had the best response to Biden’s “white boy” comment.

“Fact check: Misleading,” Rugg wrote. “He is white but he is also stupid.”

Joe Biden is a national embarrassment.

He can’t even deliver prepared remarks at a White House reception without making a fool out of himself.

But unless he decides to step aside, Democrats are stuck running Biden as their candidate in 2024.

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