Joe Biden hit the panic button when he was busted in this massive deception

Joe Biden is trying to fundamentally transform the country.

He was forced to reverse course after one scheme went way too far.

And Joe Biden hit the panic button when he was busted in this massive deception.

Radical environmentalists have declared war on gas stoves in their misguided crusade to eradicate the use of fossil fuels.

A bogus study concocted by leftists who want to ban fossil fuels created a firestorm in the media that gas stoves are allegedly dangerous.

The study falsely claimed that gas stoves are contributing to childhood asthma and creating indoor air pollution.

Democrats ran with the bogus study to propose using government regulations to ban the use of them.

US Consumer Product Safety (UCPS) commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. said in an interview that his agency was considering banning gas stoves because they’re a “hidden hazard.”

“Any option is on the table,” Trumka Jr. told Bloomberg News. “Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.”

The absurd proposal instantly sparked a backlash and exposed the blatant hypocrisy of several Democrats.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and First Lady Jill Biden were pictured on social media with gas stoves in their homes.

The fierce backlash prompted the regime to publicly back off the proposal and the media to falsely claim that the controversy was an imaginary culture war issue cooked up by Republicans.

The regime claimed that President Joe Biden wasn’t looking to ban gas stoves and CPSC Chairman Alexander Hoehn-Saric said that his agency was not “looking to ban gas stoves.”

But a newly discovered internal memo reveals how serious the CSPC was about banning the use of gas stoves.

The October 25, 2022 memo, Richard Trumka Jr. wrote to a fellow CSPC Commissioner to tell him that there was enough evidence to move forward with a gas stove ban.

Trumka Jr. said that a ban could move forward under a regulation issued by the agency with a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPR).

The memo was entitled, “NPR Proposing Ban on Gas Stoves (Indoor Air Quality).”

“The need for gas stove regulation has reached a boiling point,” Trumka Jr. wrote. “CPSC has the responsibility to ban consumer products that emit hazardous substances, particularly, when those emissions harm children, under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act.”

Unelected government bureaucrats were ready to drop the hammer on gas stoves despite the regime’s backpedaling.

“Emerging evidence is sufficient to conclude that gas stoves in homes emit toxic gasses that cause illness and that lower-cost, safer alternatives are available,” Trumka added.

Trumka pointed out that two Democrat-controlled cities, New York and Los Angeles, banned gas stoves for “health and inequity reasons” and because they “strongly contribute to climate change through greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Biden regime was caught red-handed lying about their scheme to ban gas stoves.

Joe Biden and radical environmentalists will go any length no matter how ridiculous in their quest to end the use of fossil fuels.

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