Joe Biden hit the panic button over this shocking poll of Democrat voters in South Carolina

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South Carolina is supposed to be a stronghold for Joe Biden.

Biden’s win in the 2020 South Carolina Primary handed him the Democrat Party’s nomination.

But Joe Biden hit the panic button over this shocking poll of Democrat voters in South Carolina.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) broke with its long-standing tradition by rearranging the calendar to make South Carolina the first Primary state for the Party.

Historically, the Iowa Caucuses kicked off the Democrat Primary followed by the New Hampshire Primary.

South Carolina traditionally held the third spot on the Primary calendar.

Democrats switched it this year to allegedly allow a more racially diverse state to start the Primary process.

But Joe Biden has another problem on his hands in South Carolina.

Democrat Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is surging in the polls against Biden.

A new poll by John Zogby Strategies found Kennedy Jr. with 24 percent support in the Democrat Primary.

“In a three-way election today, Biden leads 55% to Kennedy’s 24%,” Jeremy Zogby wrote in an analysis.

The polls showed Democrat Marianne Williamson at 5%, with 16% still undecided.

But in a head-to-head matchup against Kennedy Jr., Biden’s lead shrunk to only 10 points.

One of the reasons for Kennedy Jr.’s surge is that South Carolina voters are not happy about Biden’s pandemic policies.

“Fifty-percent of likely voters in the South Carolina primary agreed that coronavirus lockdowns permanently closed millions of small businesses and disproportionately impacted African Americans,” Breitbart reported.

Not only that, but Kenendy Jr. appears to care more about South Carolina than Joe Biden does.

Joe Biden has not visited the state since July.

Kennedy, however, will have made six stops in South Carolina in the past week by Tuesday.

Kennedy’s Super PAC ripped the President for ignoring South Carolina and pointed out Kennedy’s multiple stops in the Palmetto State.

“Biden, on the other hand, has been nearly invisible in SC besides a single visit in early July,” a Super PAC supporting Kennedy Jr. wrote.

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