Joe Biden has declared war on Fox News and this latest move could spell disaster for the network

There is no love affair between Joe Biden and Fox News.

In fact, most every Democrat sitting in office would love to see the network and many of its powerhouse journalists go down in flames.

And now, Joe Biden has declared war on Fox News and this latest move could spell disaster for the network.

Joe Biden along with the corporate-controlled media and Big Tech have made it their mission to censor conservative speech.

If it doesn’t align with the Biden regime’s agenda, it must be done away with.

So far, they’ve been rather successful in stomping out any dissenting voices and they’re not even hiding their tactics anymore.

There is one outlet, however, that Joe Biden just can’t seem to take down and it’s really bugging him.

Fox News continues to draw a record number of viewers and with talent like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, the network is sitting firmly in the captain’s seat.

This is infuriating to Joe Biden and the Left who want nothing more than to make Fox News just disappear.

Now it looks like Joe Biden is even trying to nominate people to his administration who might just have the power to shut down Fox News.

For example, Biden has nominated pro-censorship Alvaro Bedoya for a spot on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Bedoya used to sit on the board of a group called “Free Press,” which was known for its radical, leftist viewpoints and whose goal was to pressure advertisers into boycotting Fox News in hopes of shutting down the network.

As Breitbart recently reported:

“Free Press has smeared a number of conservatives and conservative organizations. It accused Breitbart News and other conservative media entities of spreading “misinformation” and painting “people of color, immigrants, and religious minorities” as “the enemy of the United States.”

It has accused Fox News host Tucker Carlson — the most popular cable news host in the country — of being “notoriously racist” and “part of the white supremacy problem,” calling on major advertisers to boycott Fox News. In its public petition to advertisers, it accused Fox News of spreading “hate” and “misinformation” and tied it to “hate crimes against black people.”

Free Press, like many on the Left, has declared all conservative speech as racist and hateful.

Bedoya is going to have a tremendous amount of power sitting on the FTC and will undoubtedly use it to try and regulate networks like Fox that don’t bow down to the Biden regime.

While Biden knows the government can’t pass laws that ban conservative speech online, he knows that putting someone like Bedoya on the FTC can make it loud and clear that he wants any speech that sniffs of being right-of-center shut down.

It’s only a matter of time before Joe Biden and the Democrats snuff out all conservative speech once and for all.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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