Joe Biden got the worst news of his life when he looked at these poll numbers

Every day makes it clearer that Joe Biden has no idea what he is doing.

His constant gaffes and policy failures are piling up.

And Joe Biden got the worst news of his life when he looked at these poll numbers.

Joe Biden is making a mess of all the progress President Donald Trump made while in office.

At the border, Joe Biden has opened the floodgates of central America into the United States, even bussing illegal immigrants to Republican states in hopes of turning them Democrat if amnesty ever is passed.

And that’s not to mention Kamala Harris’ failed immigration tour through Mexico and Guatemala.

Things are even worse internationally.

Biden is trying to reinstate the failed Iranian Nuclear Deal by negotiating with Iranian terrorists in Switzerland.

And his constant gaffes and inability to answer basic questions embarrassed the entire nation at the G7 summit. 

More and more Americans are opening their eyes to Joe Biden’s ineffectual, socialist lunacy.

A new poll out of Monmouth University shows Joe Biden’s approval rating slipping below 50% for the first time since he was inaugurated as President. 

Over the month of May, Biden’s approval rating plummeted six points from 54% to 48%, while disapproval rose to 43%.

Biden’s Presidency has been plagued with low polling numbers from the start. 

As the Daily Caller reports, “The average approval ratings for the past 14 U.S. Presidents at the same stage as Biden’s presidency have polled around 66%.”

This comes as no surprise to anyone who has paid attention to Joe Biden’s faux pas over the last few months.

For those who are counting, we’re still scheduled to have more than three years of Sleepy Joe’s antics to look forward to.

Years of the world laughing at us as we placate our enemies and leave the American taxpayer out to dry. 

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