Joe Biden got hit with some bad news that will have Democrats slamming the panic button

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Joe Biden announced he plans to run for reelection.

Democrats are wishing Biden never made that announcement.

That’s because Joe Biden got hit with some bad news that will have Democrats slamming the panic button.

Democrats and Joe Biden want Donald Trump to be the GOP nominee.

Leftists think Trump is the only Republican Joe Biden can beat.

Democrats also think if Trump wins the nomination that the issue of Biden’s age – Trump will turn 77 next year – is off the table.

But if Democrats are rooting for Trump to win the GOP nomination in 2024, polling data shows it will be a miscalculation on the level of 2016 where Hillary Clinton and her team desired Trump as their general election opponent.

A brand-new ABC/Washington Post poll found both of the Democrat Party’s assumptions about the 2024 race were dead wrong.

The poll showed Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by seven points, 49 to 42 percent.

And the poll showed that voters think Biden is too old and frail to serve as President, whereas they do not share those concerns about Trump.

Just over 30 percent of voters say Biden is mentally sharp enough and physically capable of being President.

The Washington Post reports:

Though Biden, 80, and former president Donald Trump, 76, are close in age, the poll shows that Americans have strikingly different views about their capabilities, even as Biden’s doctor has declared the incumbent healthy. About a third of Americans (32 percent) say Biden has the mental sharpness to be effective in the White House, while 54 percent say the same of Trump. And one-third (33 percent) say Biden is in good enough physical health for the job; while 64 percent say that about Trump, the leading Republican candidate.

Overall, more than 4 in 10 Americans (43 percent) say in the poll that both Biden and Trump are too old to serve new terms as president when they would be 82 and 78, respectively on Inauguration Day. Yet here again there is a divergence between perceptions of Biden and Trump: About a quarter, 26 percent, say only Biden is too old, while 1 percent say only Trump is too old. Another 28 percent say neither candidate is too old to serve another term.

The Post’s polling also shows just 36 percent of Americans approve of the job Joe Biden is doing as President.

54 percent said Trump did a better job of managing the economy than Biden.

Voters may not like Trump personally.

But voters view Joe Biden as a failed President.

And this poll suggests that in a rematch, voters are willing to overlook their concerns about Trump’s personality and focus on the fact that Joe Biden is too old to do the job.

*Right News Wire Official Polling*
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