Joe Biden flipped out on the media and said something so crazy you will be speechless

The so-called “mainstream” media has been Joe Biden’s biggest ally.

But on the rare occasion they give him a hard time he doesn’t know how to handle it.

And Joe Biden flipped out on the media and said something so crazy you will be speechless.

President Donald Trump was the most transparent President in U.S. history.

He was completely open to the media, allowing them to question him and his officials, even when he knew they were out to get him.

No President in history held as many press conferences during the same amount of time he had in the White House.

Yet, the media tried to frame him as anything but.

Now that Joe Biden is in the White House, they are realizing just how open Trump was.

Biden rarely speaks to the media, and when he does, he only talks to approved reporters, and answers pre-approved questions his handlers allow him to answer. 

There are certain questions he won’t even touch, like those relating to the border crisis, which he has turned over to Vice President Kamala Harris, who also refuses to answer.

Despite this, the corporate-controlled media works overtime to excuse and completely cover-up Biden’s many failures.

That’s why Biden didn’t know what to do during his recent trip to Europe, where he attended the Geneva summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

During a press conference on that trip, Biden fielded questions from six pre-approved reporters.

But after answering those questions, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, who was not on his approved list, shouted out asking Biden “why” he’s “so confident [Putin will] change his behavior.” 

Biden didn’t like that question, and exploded on the reporter, yelling: “I’m not confident he’ll change his behavior. What the hell? What do you do all the time? When did I say I was confident?”

When the reporter cited claims Biden made justifying her question, Biden hit back at her telling her she’s “in the wrong business.”

This exchange infuriated Biden so much that he later whined about it while on the airport tarmac before heading back to Washington, D.C.

New York Times White House correspondent Michael Shear pressed him on the exchange, and whined that the liberal media never asked him a “positive question.”

Biden said, “ok, to be a good reporter, you’ve got to be negative. You gotta have a negative view of life, okay, it seems to me. The way you all – you never ask a positive question.”

He then went on to rant about how the media has been against him at every turn:

“Look, you all said the same thing about the – you know, what was going to happen when we had the first meeting of the [G]7, ‘Oh, Biden, they’re not going to buy Biden’s stuff’ . . . When I went to meet with NATO, ‘Oh, boy, they’re not going to be happy, they’re all going to be against Biden meeting with Putin, they’re not going to want that’ . . . And the same way when I met with the EU, ‘He’s not going to like the way Biden is operating.’”

Compared to how the media treated President Trump, Biden is treated like a saint in the eyes of the corporate-controlled media. 

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