Joe Biden finally admitted defeat with this critical decision in the U.S. Senate

President Joe Biden has had a rough past few months.

But it just got even worse.

That’s because Joe Biden finally admitted defeat in this U.S. Senate fight.

The Biden administration has nominated dozens of the most toxic individuals to positions in the executive branch.

Maybe the most toxic is David Chipman who was nominated to be the director of the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agency (ATF).

Chipman has a long, exhausting history of being rabidly anti-gun in almost every way.

Republican U.S. Senators exposed this fact in their intense questioning of David Chipman where bulwark defenders of the Second Amendment like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz brought up one example after another of Chipman making statements in direct contradiction with the U.S. Constitution.

Then when a video of David Chipman mocking gun owners as crazy doomsday preppers made the rounds in July, his nomination took a serious hit.

With no path forward in, President Biden is expected to withdraw Chipman’s nomination as the director of the ATF within the next few days.

NPR reports:

President Biden plans to pull David Chipman’s nomination to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the face of opposition from gun rights groups, Republican senators and a few Democrats.

On Thursday, two sources close to the matter told NPR that Biden will pull the nomination in the coming days.

The result means the ATF will be without a Senate-confirmed boss yet again. The agency hasn’t had a confirmed director in six years. It’s had only one since Congress made the position Senate approved in 2006.

David Chipman’s nomination was a joke from the beginning.

Even during his questioning before the U.S. Senate – when he’s trying to gain the favor of Senators to approve his nomination – Chipman admitted he wanted all AR-15-style weapons to be banned.

That admission alone made Chipman too toxic for north of 60 Senators to vote for his nomination.

And with the way Chuck Schumer has been running the Democrat majority in the Senate, they didn’t even put Chipman’s nomination up for a full Senate floor vote to save themselves from the embarrassment of 10 or more Democrats voting against Biden’s nominee.

Thankfully, the issue of gun control has been a losing one for the Democrats for quite some time.

And Joe Biden taking yet another loss in the midst of the most tumultuous part of his entire political career certainly hurts.

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