Joe Biden erupted into a fit of rage over the three-word slogan starting to sweep across the Democrat Party

“Let’s go Brandon” was a popular slogan among conservatives across the country at this time last year.

This year there’s a popular slogan emerging on the Left.

And Joe Biden erupted into a fit of rage over the three-word slogan starting to sweep across the Democrat Party.

Joe Biden continues to say he is planning to run for a second term in 2024.

During a recent dinner in Washington, D.C. with French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Macron allegedly toasted Joe Biden after Jill revealed to them he was running for a second term.

Biden will reveal his officials plans publicly shortly after the Christmas holidays.

But even though Joe Biden may be gearing up for another Presidential campaign, most Americans, including Democrats, believe he needs to step aside and pass the torch to someone else in two years due to his age.

Biden turned 80 in November.

He’s already the oldest President in American history and is clearly suffering from severely declining mental and physical abilities.

And one left-wing group just decided to make it known publicly that they are strongly opposed to Joe Biden and the Party must pick someone else in 2024.

The leftist organization RootsAction just launched an ad buy in the early Primary state of New Hampshire listing the reasons why Joe Biden should not run again in two years.

According to Fox News, the ad “features local voters giving a variety of reasons for why they want someone else representing Democrats in the 2024 presidential election.”

The top concern for those on the video is Biden’s electability.

“It’s absolutely critical that we don’t allow a Republican to win the White House in 2024,” said before adding that “his low popularity is way too much of a gamble.”

“If he runs, the election is at serious risk,” another person said.

“We can’t afford to risk the White House to a Republican who could defeat Status Quo Joe,” another person added.

Others said that Biden does not effectively represent their progressive agenda.

The group also ripped Biden for allegedly not being left-wing enough for the Party when it comes to universal healthcare and the Green New Deal.

The ad ended with each person who appeared in the video standing together and chanting a three-word slogan to Joe Biden.

“Don’t run, Joe!” they chanted.

In December of 2021, Americans were chanting “Let’s go Brandon!” as a way of saying “F**k Joe Biden.”

And in December of 2022, Democrats have a three-word slogan of their own in “Don’t run, Joe!”

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