Joe Biden doesn’t want you to see this one horrifying truth

Joe Biden has been making a mess of his Presidency since his inauguration.

His policy failures are putting the lives of America and her allies in danger.

And Joe Biden doesn’t want you to see this one horrifying truth.

Biden’s most recent blunder was an incredibly mishandled withdrawal from Afghanistan.

While Trump had made a deal to allow American troops to come home, Biden blew that up.

Instead, he tried to push the withdrawal until September 11, 2021 in an effort to gain political capital.

The result was a chaotic retreat and airlift that saw thousands of Afghan allies left behind and American citizens trapped behind Taliban lines.

But reports are coming out that the reality on the ground may be far worse than anyone would have ever expected.

Former US Army officer Jean Marie Thrower joined a volunteer rescue team that sought to save Americans and allies from the clutches of terrorists.

While she noted that her team has successfully removed hundreds from the country, she also made clear that the Biden administration’s State Department lied when they said there are only 100 Americans left on the ground.

Thrower says that number is likely closer to 1,000.

“In many cases, they’ve been called or texted by the Taliban with threats,” she stated.

“They cut off the heads of two boys that were 9 and 10,” she continued.

“We have had people shot, beheaded. They’re taking the kids. If you’re on the run, and they find your family, they’ll hurt your family and put the word out in the neighborhood that ‘We’ve got your brother or son or daughter,’” Thrower concluded.

While Biden tries to pretend that his massive failure is somehow an incredible victory, Americans are being killed at an alarming rate.

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