Joe Biden doesn’t want you to know about one of the greatest government scandals of all time

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It’s no longer a secret that this current administration is being rocked by scandals.

And every day there seem to be more.

That’s why Joe Biden doesn’t want you to know about one of the greatest government scandals of all time.

It’s hard to sort through all of the scandals currently in the news.

It’s no wonder Joe Biden always looks like a deer in the headlights.

What if there was a government and no one showed up?

In what could be one of the greatest federal government scandals of all time, hundreds of thousands of federal employees have been getting a full-time paycheck without showing up for work. 

For the last three years now! 

Of course, just because they aren’t going into the office doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t working.

In fact, only slightly more than half of private sector workers are actually “in the office” now.

Still, in the private sector, workers are returning to their offices and work sites in increasing numbers each and every day. 

But in the federal government, the percentage of “remote workers” remains much higher. 

According to The Federal Times, by the end of 2022, only roughly a third of all federal bureaucrats were back in the office.

This is despite the fact the COVID scare (perpetuated by government bureaucrats, by the way) ended more than two and a half years ago.

So while most private business owners and managers are now demanding their employees show up for work at least some of the time, or find a new job, federal workers are still at home in their PJs and Crocs.

Special and privileged

Of course, government workers have long been different from private sector workers.

They are much more pampered, catered to, and considered special and privileged.

One big reason for that is the unionization of much of the federal workforce.

You simply can’t just fire someone like you can in most of the private sector.

Even if the employee in question has broken work rules, failed to perform, or even broken the law.

Now of course, in our new woke economy, it’s far worse than ever.

That’s why Congressman James Comer (R-KY) the new House Oversight Committee Chairman is pushing legislation to require all federal agencies to reinstate their telework policies as they existed on December 31, 2019. 

The bill passed the House on a 221-206 vote. 

With all but six House Democrats voting no. 

It faces a very uncertain future in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

And why would Democrats almost universally oppose this bill?

The same unions mentioned above.

More than 90 percent of federal employee union PAC donations go to Democrats.

The silver lining

Democrats are more accountable to federal employees and their flush with cash unions, than they are to their own voters and constituents.

Voters and constituents who pay the salaries of the federal workers, by the way.

So while the rest of Americans go back to work, two thirds of the 1.9 million federal workforce, (many of whom make $100,000 a year or more in salaries and benefits) stay home. 

While this is a despicable abuse of taxpayer money, there may be a silver lining no one saw coming.

No one even noticed that federal workers are not showing up. 

Has this disrupted your life in any material way? 

It turns out, most federal agencies very likely aren’t as important or necessary as many thought they were.

And certainly not as needed as Joe Biden claims.

We could potentially save the taxpayers billions of dollars and reduce our deficit by getting rid of obsolete or irrelevant agencies, departments, and bureaus.

And no one, except the federal employees, would even notice.

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