Joe Biden did this one thing to American workers that has everyone shocked

Biden is throwing Americans under the bus.

He’d rather bow down to progressive radicals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

And Joe Biden did this one thing to American workers that has everyone shocked.

Joe Biden is hard at work every day making sure his economy-killing socialist agenda is rammed down the throats of Americans.

He has already proposed the federal government spend $6 trillion in his budget, while financing it with more borrowing and higher taxes. 

Inflation is on the rise and companies can’t find workers to fill their vacancies because of the massively expensive unemployment benefits being doled out. 

Just recently, one of the largest pipelines in America was shut down because of a cyberattack.

Most people in the southeast were waiting in gas lines and running on fumes.

And now Joe Biden has decided that the answer to high fuel prices is to stop drilling.

On Tuesday, the Biden administration announced it will be suspending all leases to drill oil and gas in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The 19.3-million-acre refuge is thought to house billions of barrels of oil beneath the coastal plain.

His administration claims that a more “comprehensive environmental analysis” must be performed.

“President Biden is grateful for the prompt action by the Department of the Interior to suspend all leasing pending a review of decisions made in the last administration’s final days that could have changed the character of this special place forever,” said White House climate advisor Gina McCarthy.

Unfortunately, this is just another political stunt by Biden to reverse any of Trump’s policies and progress.

Biden has no intention of allowing drilling in the refuge, as he has stated before that he is “totally opposed” to the idea.

Americans suffer at the pump while Biden placates his radical base.

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