Joe Biden could be in trouble come 2024 and the opponents are coming from inside his own party

Joe Biden’s first year in the White House isn’t going as he planned.

He’s caused both domestic and international problems, so profound that many are calling for his resignation.

Now Joe Biden could be in real trouble come 2024 and the opponents are coming from inside his own party.

Democratic socialists – aka “The Squad” and Bernie Sanders – are starting to discuss just how to handle the 2024 election.

Biden has left many of the more radical leftists uninspired and wanting more from a Democrat President, so they’re taking matters into their own hands.

According to sources, some socialists are already predicting that if Biden’s poll numbers don’t improve, disgruntled leftists will be looking for another candidate.

“It’s definitely something that’s brewing under the surface. It’s called the anxiety of the American people, which is causing this scramble in political bubbles about what the possibilities can be,” said Nina Turner, a leading activist who co-chaired Sen. Bernie Sanders’s second Presidential bid.

The White House continues to declare that Biden will run again in 2024, but more and more people are starting to doubt it.

Polls show radical leftists believe Biden should be doing more to deliver social and economic relief for working and middle class people.

Of course, Joe Biden is still trying to dig his party out of the infighting caused by his “Build Back Better” plan and this is only adding to the tension.

Kamala Harris hasn’t turned out to be the political rockstar many had hoped, so socialists see an opening for one of their own and they’re not going to miss the opportunity.

Names that have been floated around are current Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren but both have remained mum on the topic.

And, obviously no list of possible socialist Presidential candidates would be complete without Vermont’s own Bernie Sanders.

Having run several times before Sanders is an old pro at the game by now and, as some have noted, he never said he wouldn’t run again.

Whoever they decide is the best socialist candidate will have a tough road ahead of them.

Very few Democrats have ever gone up against the establishment and lived to tell about it.

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