Joe Biden can’t escape this shocking new email scandal

The Hunter Biden scandal just got a whole lot worse for Joe Biden and his Ukraine problem.

And even Democrats are now scrambling to try and cover their tracks on the latest bombshell.

Because Joe Biden can’t escape this shocking new email scandal that changes everything.

Most Americans have seemingly become numb to the Hunter Biden story.

We all know by now the kind of man Hunter Biden is and most of his sordid exploits and sleazy dealings.

We’ve seen and heard it all.

The crack smoking, the “dating” his sister-in-law, the out-of-wedlock babies being deserted, and of course the influence peddling in foreign lands making him and the Biden family hundreds of millions of dollars.

But now, from Hunter Biden’s own laptop, the very one the media told us was just a Russian plant, we are finding out some very serious and disturbing things about Hunter Biden.

Some things that go far beyond strippers and cocaine and affairs with family members.

These new revelations involve national security, and potential crimes against the nation – including possible treason.

This latest information is according to the Daily Mail, which obtained Hunter’s emails.

These emails found on Hunter’s now notorious laptop reveal that he helped secure millions of dollars for Metabiota, a DoD contractor, which specializes in researching pandemic-causing diseases that could be used as bioweapons.

This means that Moscow’s claim that Hunter Biden helped finance a U.S. military ‘bioweapons’ research program in Ukraine is at least partially true, according to the new emails obtained exclusively by

Hunter also appears to have introduced Metabiota to his pals at Burisma in Ukraine for a “science project,” involving biosecurity labs in that now war-torn nation.

While Metabiota appears on its face to be a simple medical data company – a 2014 email from its Vice President to Hunter Biden described how they could ‘assert Ukraine’s cultural and economic independence from Russia’ – an odd goal for a mere biotech firm.

Of course, at the time of that email Hunter’s dad Joe was Obama’s point-man for Ukraine’s ‘reconstruction.’

Emails and defense contract data from Hunter Biden’s laptop reviewed by suggest that Hunter had a prominent role in making sure Metabiota was able to conduct its research just a few hundred miles from the Russian border.

Now this project has turned into a national security nightmare for Ukraine and potentially the U.S. and NATO when the Russian military invaded the country last month.

Earlier this month Biden Administration officials warned Congress that ‘Russian forces may be seeking to gain control’ of these ‘biological research facilities’, prompting fears that deadly and engineered pathogens could fall into Russian hands.

Hunter and his colleagues at his investment firm Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners (RSTP) routinely raised millions of dollars for technology companies.

Metabiota was one of those firms.

Hunter and pals invested $500,000 in Metabiota via Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners and raised several million more through various investment firms like Goldman Sachs.

In Ukraine, Hunter Biden was more intimately involved in Metabiota’s operations, something he bragged about in funding pitches to investors.

In fact, in April 2014 emails, Hunter and his partner Eric Schwerin even discussed housing Metabiota in their office space.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for updates to this ongoing story.

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