Joe Biden blew a gasket when a leading Republican gave him this jaw-dropping suggestion

    Joe Biden’s regime has gone completely off of the rails.

    He got some advice from a surprising source.

    And Joe Biden blew a gasket when a leading Republican gave him this jaw-dropping suggestion.

    Joe Biden’s regime has been worse than anyone could have imagined.

    After inflicting a seemingly never-ending string of disasters on the country, the Biden Presidency has become Jimmy Carter’s second term.

    Even Democrats are ready to pull the plug on him for the 2024 election to give the party a clean slate.

    Leading Democrats and the corporate-controlled media are pushing Biden to the side by openly speculating about who his replacement could be at the top of the ticket.

    Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) is one of the most colorful characters serving in Congress.

    He gave Joe Biden a surprising suggestion for a better career choice during an appearance on Jesse Waters Primetime on Fox News.

    Guest host Sean Duffy asked Kennedy about why Democrats are abandoning Biden for the 2024 election.

    “Some politicians in Washington, D.C – not all of them, but some – care more about their problems than yours,” Kennedy said. “And the thing they want most in the world is to be reelected. Certain members of president Biden’s own party are running from him because they think President Biden will hurt their re-election.”

    Joe Biden’s disastrous Presidency had Democrats on track to get wiped out in the Midterm elections this fall until recent missteps by RINOs like Mitch McConnell caving on gun control have caused conservatives to lose momentum.

    Still, heading into the 2024 election, Joe Biden is the weakest Democratic incumbent since Jimmy Carter in 1980 who was trounced by Ronald Reagan.

    And with Biden at the top of the ticket in 2024, Democrats could be staring down major losses in back-to-back elections.

    “In my judgment, President Biden has stepped on every rake in the yard,” Kennedy said. “I don’t mean to be unfair, but it’s been cringeworthy.”

    “He has mismanaged Congress, mismanaged covid, mismanaged crime, mismanaged the border, mismanaged the Afghanistan, mismanaged the economy, mismanaged inflation, and forfeited America’s energy Independence,” Kennedy explained.

    “Now, President Biden obviously disagrees with that,” Kennedy continued. “He says he’s doing a swell job, and as evidence, he offers the opinions of experts like Kamala Harris and Prince Harry.”

    Even a majority of Democrats voters want someone new for President in 2024 according to numerous polls.

    “But I don’t think most Americans are persuaded,” Kennedy said. “I don’t think the American people hate President Biden. I certainly don’t.”

    “But I think a majority of the voters in our country at this juncture think he would be he would be better off selling catheters on late-night TV than serving as President of the United States,” Kennedy concluded.

    With Joe Biden’s popularity plummeting to historic lows, it certainly seems like the majority of the country is ready to move on from his disastrous Presidency.

    But the first real test will be the 2022 Midterms.

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