Joe Biden and the Democrats were exposed as frauds after they made this ridiculous move

Joe Biden has lost the faith of the American people.

As his presidency sinks, he and the Democrats are desperate to cram through their radical agenda.

But Biden and the Democrats were exposed as frauds after they made this ridiculous move.

The Democrats are desperate to pass voting reforms that would nationalize election laws and make universal mail-in voting permanent.

The rhetoric that Joe Biden and Democrats have been using to justify this agenda is truly disgusting.

They can’t meet the 60-vote threshold to pass the legislation, so they’re attempting to kill the Senate filibuster in order to cram through the bills.

But moderate Democrats Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin said they would not nuke the filibuster.

Biden and the Democrats responded by comparing proponents of the filibuster to Jefferson Davis and George Wallace, a move so egregious that even people on the Left called it out.

Biden’s segregationist rhetoric was made more ridiculous by the fact that the Democrats just used the filibuster to halt sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called out the absurd double standard in a scathing comment.

“Let’s spell this out…Democrats want the American people to believe the filibuster was not a Jim Crow relic in 2005, was not even a Jim Crow relic in 2020, just miraculously became a Jim Crow relic in 2021, just briefly stopped being a Jim Crow relic last Thursday, but it’s now back to being a Jim Crow relic this week,” McConnell stated.

McConnell also read statements from liberal activists who supported the filibuster in 2005.

This is how shameless the Democrats are.

The filibuster is only a Jim Crow instrument when it does not suit their aims, and nobody in the corporate press will seriously challenge the Democrats on this point.

“Many of the same colleagues have spent weeks thundering… that the Senate’s 60-vote threshold is an offensive tool of obstruction, a Jim Crow relic, declaring that simple majorities should always get their way. But late last week they literally wielded the 60-vote threshold themselves…A useful reminder of just how fake, fake, the hysteria has been,” McConnell concluded.

Democrats spent four years ripping Donald Trump for supposedly undermining democratic norms, but it’s the Democrats who have openly talked about nuking the filibuster and packing the Supreme Court.

The Democrats have become a radical party well outside of the mainstream.

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