Jimmy Fallon lit his last shred of integrity on fire with one humiliating bit

Late night comics have become shills for the establishment.

Nowadays they’re only funny or entertaining by accident.

And Jimmy Fallon lit his last shred of integrity on fire with one humiliating bit.

The COVID regime refuses to relinquish the power it usurped over the past three years.

In order for Big Pharma and petty tyrants in government to maintain their power, they need the corporate press to unleash a relentless amount of propaganda on the American people.

And late night comics are on the frontlines of the propaganda offensive on the public.

Jimmy Fallon did his part to keep pandemic paranoia alive and well with a B-52’s-inspired song about the numerous COVID variants, and it’s just as cringeworthy as it sounds.

As bad as Fallon’s performance was, nothing tops Stephen Colbert’s embarrassing “Vax Scene” inspired by The Champs’s “Tequila.”

Fallon is the epitome of a corporate shill.

He got in serious trouble for having Donald Trump on his show at the tail end of the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Fallon gave a reasonably friendly interview and playfully mussed Trump’s hair.

That was a huge no-no for the Left.

He was supposed to be snarling the entire time.

For that, Fallon was forced to apologize.

He also performed in blackface on Saturday Night Live – Megyn Kelly was run out of the same network for suggesting that kids darkening their skin for Halloween costumes in the 1970s was not considered offensive like it is today.

As such, Fallon will do whatever he’s told to avoid getting “canceled” by Hollywood.

Meanwhile, more and more evidence emerges about the government’s COVID response as well as the vaccines.

Epidemiologists who argued in favor of focused protection instead of widespread lockdowns were denounced in the media at the behest of former NIH Director Francis Collins and former NIAID head Anthony Fauci.

Those heterodox epidemiologists – who turned out to be correct – were also censored on social media.

Also, a Pfizer executive admitted that the vaccine was not tested for its efficacy in stopping transmission, which was the impetus for forcing everyone to get the jab.

The diktats of the COVID regime will continue to change on a whim, and dutiful shills like Fallon and Colbert will sing and dance their hearts out in order to get the masses in line.

It’s a shame that this is what late night comedy has become.

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