Jim Jordan revealed the FBI is sitting on the dark secret that Joe Biden knows will ruin him

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Jim Jordan is one of the lead investigators into Joe Biden’s culture of corruption.

Now Biden’s worst nightmare is about to come true.

And Jim Jordan revealed the FBI is sitting on the dark secret that Joe Biden knows will ruin him.

In an interview with Fox Business Channel’s Larry Kudlow, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan discussed the status of the investigation into how foreign countries compromised Joe Biden with millions of dollars of payments to Biden’s family.

The latest bombshell in this investigation was the fact that a whistleblower stepped forward with the revelation that the FBI hid a document outlining allegations that Joe Biden took a bribe from a foreign national while serving as Vice President in exchange for a favorable policy outcome.

House Judiciary Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer unveiled bank records which Comer claimed showed the Biden family raked in $10 million from companies in Romania and Communist China, which Comer said was evidence of influence peddling.

In the interview, Jordan said multiple FBI whistleblowers came forward to the committee about multiple Biden administration scandals.

Jordan is chairing the Weaponization of the Federal Government Select Committee and getting to the bottom of how Biden turned the FBI into the Democrat Party’s personal police force is a critical endeavor.

“We had a number of whistleblowers come talk to us from the FBI, we’ve actually interviewed six of them,” Jordan stated. “We plan on having some of them testify publicly here in the near future because they want to and they have a compelling story to tell and they have been retaliated against. But in this situation, it’s totally up to the whistleblower. That is the way the statute works.”

The FBI fought this investigation tooth and nail and refused to comply with a subpoena demanding the bureau turn over the document containing the allegations of Biden taking a bribe.

“The FBI was supposed to come to the Judiciary Committee,” Jordan added. “We’ve had Democrats leak information from their interview and then it turned out that information was wrong, and two of the media outlets that covered that had to redact and change what they wrote.”

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