Jesse Watters gave Target a reality check for this woke Christmas blunder

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Retailer Target has been embroiled in controversy after going woke.

The company stepped in it once again.

And Jesse Watters gave Target a reality check for this woke Christmas blunder.

The Christmas season is underway and Target is celebrating the holiday with another infuriating display of wokeness.

Fox News host Jesse Watters sent one of the show’s producers to the retailer where they uncovered woke seasonal merchandise.

Target is selling a gay nutcracker with a rainbow hat holding a trans flag and a disabled, black Santa in a wheelchair.

The retailer is also selling a snow globe with a rainbow-colored heart that says “love is love.”

“And it’s a good thing our chimney is wheelchair accessible so Jesse Jr.’s gonna get all the gifts he wants,” Watters quipped. “Gay nutcracker and wheelchair Santa might be the only items in Target that don’t get looted.”

Watters asked guest Riley Gaines if she was going to use a gay nutcracker in her Christmas decorations.

“What’s my other option? Black, disabled Santa?” Gaines replied.

“Yes, you have black Santa in the wheelchair— we don’t have anything against black Santa, or disabled Santa,” Watters said. “I think if Santa has a disability, then that’s fine.”

He asked Gaines why she thought that Target was selling this type of Christmas merchandise.

She explained that in 2005 Target banned the phrases “Christmas” and “Merry Christmas” from being said by employees or being displayed on merchandise.

Gaines claimed that the Christmas ban is still in effect but wondered why Target would allow woke Christmas merchandise.

“You have to ask yourself, you know, why do they keep pushing this?” Gaines said. “Who are they trying to appeal to? Because despite what the media portrays or how politicians are voting, this doesn’t represent the overwhelming majority of how this country— really, how the world feels on this issue. I think the majority of people, parents especially, they can acknowledge that gay nutcracker, black disabled Santa has gone way too far.”

Watters wondered if it was an attempt to sexualize Christmas for kids.

“The gay nutcracker, I mean, this appeals to children,” Watters said. “The Christmas spirit. You decorate the house, you put a nutcracker up there. Is this sexualizing Christmas for children?”

Target has come under fire for its relentless push of LBGT-themed merchandise that sparked a boycott against the retailer.

Declining sales from the conservative-led backlash isn’t enough to convince Target to give up wokeness.

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