Jen Psaki refused to answer one question about Hillary Clinton’s earth-shattering scandal

There is chatter that Hillary Clinton could be running again for president.

But questions still remain about the 2016 campaign and the origins of the Russiagate hoax.

And Jen Psaki refused to answer one question about Hillary Clinton’s earth-shattering scandal.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki ducked questions about Hillary Clinton’s role in the bogus Russian collusion narrative.

Special Counsel John Durham submitted a court filing that alleges Clinton lawyers paid for a tech company to “infiltrate” Donald Trump campaign and later Trump White House servers.

Psaki immediately deflected when she was asked about the scandal.

Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre similarly deflected when she was asked about Durham’s investigation.

Both Psaki and Jean-Pierre have another reason to demure on questions about Clinton and Russigate.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that the Biden campaign hired the same cybersecurity firm embroiled in Durham’s investigation.

The Free Beacon stated that the Biden campaign paid “nearly $20,000 to a cybersecurity firm at the center of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe.”

The D.C. Swamp has its tentacles all over the Russiagate hoax as well as the 2020 presidential campaign.

For example, the corporate press rallied Big Tech to shut down the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” bombshell from The New York Post.

All of the legacy media institutions lined up to say that The Post’s story, “had all the hallmarks of Russian information.”

Of course, the story turned out to be true.

Free Beacon investigative reporter Chuck Ross added that the Biden campaign, “paid Neustar Information Services in 2020 for accounting and compliance work, according to Federal Election Commission records. According to Durham, Neustar’s chief technology officer, Rodney Joffe, accessed sensitive web traffic data that the company maintained on behalf of the White House executive office in order to collect ‘derogatory’ information about Donald Trump.”

The establishment was desperate to undermine Trump, get him out of office, or both.

Ross continued:

“Joffe allegedly provided the information to Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, who in turn gave it to the CIA during a meeting in February 2017…Durham charged Sussmann in September with lying to the FBI about his investigation of Trump.”

The Democrats can ignore the Russiagate hoax as much as they want, but they were the ones who pumped it up for over two years.

Now, the story is coming back to bite them.

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