Jen Psaki melted down again when asked this simple question regarding Joe Biden

The White House’s messaging continues to get worse.

They’ve flubbed everything from COVID to Afghanistan.

And Jen Psaki melted down again when asked this simple question regarding Joe Biden.

Joe Biden continues to ignore the problems at the southern border – problems he created.

He attempted to heap the blame on his Vice President, Kamala Harris, by putting her in charge, but she messed it up even worse.

Now Americans are watching in horror as thousands of Haitians march into the country creating a massive public health crisis as human waste and trash piled up under the bridge they used as a campsite.

Still Joe Biden refuses to comment publicly on the crisis and is leaving Governors in southern states without any assistance, suggesting they handle it on their own.

During a recent press briefing, Fox News correspondent, Peter Doocy, asked Jen Psaki whether Joe Biden had ever visited the southern border during his almost 50 years in Washington D.C.

Seemed a simple question to most.

Not to Psaki.

Jen Psaki, once again tripped up by her nemesis Peter Doocy, and melted down over a seemingly innocent question.

“In his life? I will have to look back in my history books and check the times he’s been to the southern border,” Psaki sputtered.

Doocy then admitted the question may not have been as innocent as originally thought by stating he already knew the answer to the question.

According to Peter Doocy, Fox News can find no evidence of Joe Biden having ever once visited the southern border.

“We have looked all morning and we can’t find any record of him as President, Vice President, Senator, or even as a concerned citizen,” Doocy added. “Why would that be?”

Joe Biden has been in public office for decades, longer than Peter Doocy has been alive, and he never once thought it important to visit the southern border.

That’s incredibly telling.

The southern border and Americans’ safety and well-being are not of importance to Joe Biden.

Votes are what he’s concerned about, so clearly he wants to let in as many illegal aliens as possible in hopes they’ll vote for Democrats in the future.

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