Jen Psaki just told one huge lie that could hurt thousands of people

Joe Biden is likely to go down as one of, if not the, worst President in U.S. history, and he’s only a few months into his term.

The crises continue to mount as the Biden administration fumbles one thing after another.

And now Jen Psaki just told one huge lie that could hurt thousands of people.

Last week the Colonial Pipeline was hit by a ransomware attack and ordered to pay a ransom by the hackers to get the systems back online.

Before the hack, most Americans had likely never heard of the Colonial Pipeline, let alone had any idea what its function was, but now all of America knows.

The Colonial Pipeline is a major source of oil for the East Coast.

During a press briefing on Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced that there would be no supply disruptions as a result of the hack on the pipeline.

Boy, was that a lie.

Psaki falsely claimed, “At this point in time, I would just reiterate: We don’t see a supply issue.”

By Monday evening, states like Virginia and North Carolina were already seeing gas stations run low on fuel and hours-long waits at the pumps.

On Tuesday morning, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency followed not long after by Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam.

On Wednesday, upwards of 45% of Virginia gas stations were completely out of fuel, and North Carolina was seeing even higher percentages.

Psaki had no choice but to do an about-face.

“The Administration is continually assessing the impact of this ongoing incident on fuel supply for the East Coast.  We are monitoring supply shortages in parts of the southeast and are evaluating every action the Administration can take to mitigate the impact as much as possible,” Psaki stated.

Many Americans are comparing Joe Biden’s America to that of Jimmy Carter’s disastrous four years in the White House.

In just the first few months of Biden’s term, America has seen record numbers of illegals enter the country, out-of-control inflation, and now gas shortages.

And unfortunately, this is only the beginning.

Buckle up, ‘cause it’s going to be a long four years. 

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