Jen Psaki just proved how truly out of touch she is with a Tweet about the current supply chain crisis

Joe Biden is facing some serious dismal poll numbers and his staff continues to try and cover for his poor performance as President.

Unfortunately for Biden, his staff’s damage control only appears to be making things worse.

And Jen Psaki just proved how truly out of touch she is with a Tweet about the current supply chain crisis.

As much as Joe Biden has been seen as a failure as a President, his Press Secretary has been seen as an even bigger failure.

Jen Psaki hasn’t had it together since day one in office with constantly mixed messaging, not being on the same page as Biden and blatant lies.

Now Psaki is proving that she really has no idea what is going on in the country.

When asked to address the supply chain disruptions affecting the entire country and leaving store shelves bare, Psaki chose to make the moment humorous or at least humorous to her.

Jen Psaki cracked a joke about the supply chain crisis affecting businesses and consumers across the country and the “joke” isn’t sitting well with most Americans.

“The tragedy of the treadmill that’s delayed,” Psaki sighed during her daily press briefing.

Psaki’s joke was off base and very out of touch with reality.

It doesn’t take much for the everyday American to realize there is a major crisis brewing in the U.S.

Stores are struggling to keep shelves stocked with things many are used to finding with no issue.

Reports are coming out that some Americans are frightened and beginning to hoard essentials because they fear not being able to find them in the coming weeks.

And, some are even going as far as to start researching how to become self-sustaining.

There is a crisis in this country and political elitists like Jen Psaki are blind to it.

Despite the clear signs, Psaki is ignoring the problem and making jokes about people who are voicing concerns of the shortage of very basic essentials.

She even went as far as to say that the administration is trying to address the supply chain crisis by providing COVID vaccines.

That makes no logical sense whatsoever.

This is the same administration forcing people to get vaccinated or lose their job.

How is that helping anything?

Once again the Left proves they do not care about the American people – they care about control and a poor, dependent people is an easily controlled people.

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