Jaws hit the floor when the House Clerk notified members of Nancy Pelosi’s criminal subpoena

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Nancy Pelosi was first elected to the U.S. House in a 1987 Special Election for California’s 5th Congressional District.

Pelosi has a long history of corruption during her rise through the Democrat Party ranks to become Speaker of the House.

That’s why jaws hit the floor when the House Clerk notified members of Nancy Pelosi’s criminal subpoena.

Nancy Pelosi has been at the center of a lot of controversies and scandals during her many years in Congress.

And now she is apparently involved in a criminal trial.

On Wednesday, the House Clerk made an announcement from Nancy Pelosi informing members that she had been issued a subpoena related to a criminal matter.

“This is to notify you formally pursuant to Rule Eight of the rules of the House of Representatives, that I, the Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Speaker Emerita, and U.S. Representative for the 11th Congressional District of California, have been served with third party subpoenas from the prosecution and the defendant to produce documents in a criminal case and United States District Court for the Northern District of California,” the Clerk read from the statement.

“After consultation with the Office of General Counsel, I have determined that compliance with the subpoenas is consistent with the privileges and of the House to the extent it requires production of non-privileged information,” the statement continued. “The responses to the subpoenas will be identical.”

Of course, these types of statements are standard from Members of Congress who are issued a subpoena related to a criminal or civil matter.

When reporters reached out for more information, Pelosi’s office declined to comment on the criminal subpoena.

However, it’s likely related to the upcoming trial for the man accused of brutally attacking her husband with a hammer last year during a violent home invasion.

“In police bodycam footage of the attack, which was released Friday, the 42-year-old DePape is seen attacking Pelosi brutally with a hammer as police arrive at the residence,” Breitbart reported at the time of the incident. “Pelosi require surgery for a skull fracture.”

David Depape, the man who attacked Pelosi’s husband, is set to go on trial this month.

So it would make sense for the subpoena to be related to Depape’s trial.

Nancy Pelosi has engaged in a lot of shady activity over the years, including potentially insider stock trading using her position in Congress.

But America has a two-tiered system of justice for Democrats and Republicans.

And as one of the top Democrats in America, right now Nancy Pelosi has little to no worry about facing any criminal charges.

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