James Carville asked one shocking question about Democrats that left CNN stunned

JD Lasica from Pleasanton, CA, US, CC BY 2.0, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

James Carville has been around a lot of Democrat political campaigns.

But nothing could prepare him for what he was watching unfold.  

And James Carville asked one shocking question about Democrats that left CNN stunned.

James Carville wonders why the Democrat Party exists

Sheer terror has taken over the Democrat Party after President Joe Biden bumbled and stumbled his way through the Presidential debate.

Democrats and their media allies thought they were going to be able to drag Biden over the finish line in November.

Now, they’re facing a nightmare scenario at the top of the ticket.

Veteran Democrat strategist James Carville has been sounding the alarm on Biden for months but reluctantly continues backing him.

He appeared on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, where he asked why the Democrat Party exists if it doesn’t listen to voters.

Carville pointed to a CBS News/YouGov poll taken after the debate that found that 72% of Americans don’t think Biden is mentally capable of serving as President.

“We have a country that 72% want something different,” Carville said. “If the Democratic party can’t produce something different that 72% of people want, why do we exist? What are we here for? I mean, the country is clamoring for change, and what are we going to offer them? The same stuff?”

He was beside himself that the party wasn’t unified in getting Biden off of the ticket.

“It doesn’t make any sense, Jake!” Carville exclaimed. “Give people what they want, vox populi! They want something different! Let’s give it to them!”

Democrats can’t avoid a messy situation with Joe Biden

Carville noted that he would turn 80 years old this year, and no one can outrun Father time.

Tapper asked what Democrats should do in this situation.

“I don’t know, it‘ll be messy. It’ll be a mess, and you know, that‘s what change is,” Carville said, “But if the Democratic Party is so committed to the status quo, and so committed to sticking with something that three quarters of the country doesn‘t want, then we have to say, ‘Why do we exist?’”

He dismissed the excuses coming out of the Biden camp that the President had a cold or over-exerted himself preparing for the debate.

Carville said that Democrats calling Biden a great guy doesn’t cut it.

“President Biden is a great guy, and I‘m a great guy, too,” Carville remarked. “I don‘t have any business running campaigns anymore!”

Carville could see this trainwreck coming from a mile away.

But Democrats circled the wagons around Biden and dismissed any questions about his age and mental fitness as conspiracy theories.

Now, this late in the campaign cycle, they’re left with no good options.

They can stick with Biden or face a potentially nasty fight to replace him.

Carville said that the Biden family’s decision to keep the President in the race was “clouded by love.”

“People say, ‘James, my family loves me, and people like you and you are all just looking for the next scalp, next notch on your bed . . .’ Maybe we do, and maybe they love you, but their judgment is clouded by love,” Carville said. “I mean, I really like President Biden, but man, the country wants something new.”

Democrats have options for the Presidential race, but none of them are good.