It’s anyone’s guess what Joe Biden was doing as he walked on an empty beach with a mask on

Joe Biden’s mental decline has been more obvious than ever as of late and his handlers just can’t cover for him anymore.

The constant gaffes during speeches and lost, confused look on his face has many wondering if he’ll even make it to the end of his first term.

And it’s anyone’s guess what Joe Biden was doing as he walked on an empty beach with a mask on.

At first it was funny and poking fun at Joe Biden for his clear missteps and flubs was something many did without thinking much of it.

But as Biden’s first year in office comes to a close the obvious cognitive issues plaguing the President are only getting worse and many are asking when will someone step in?

In fact, many are saying it’s almost criminal that they’re still allowing him to serve in this capacity and that his wife, Jill Biden, should be ashamed of herself for letting this go on for so long.

It’s getting sad to see a very confused man in front of a podium and it’s getting even more frightening that this man is supposedly leading the country.

Just the other day, another instance of Joe Biden looking confused and detached from reality was splashed across the front page of most news outlets.

Both Joe Biden and his wife Jill are double vaccinated and boosted so why were they wearing masks while walking their new puppy on an empty beach?

No one really seems to know.

In fact, it got even more awkward, if that’s possible, when Jill Biden removed her mask but Joe continued to keep his on.

It’s unclear who Joe Biden thought he was protecting or who he felt he needed protection from because the only other people on the beach – other than Jill – was Secret Service and they were at least 30 feet away at all times.

The mask incident happened mere hours after Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted there was an “extremely low” risk of contracting COVID outdoors after getting fully vaccinated.

So, why the mask, Joe?

Again, no one really knows what’s going on in Joe Biden’s head and incidents like this one are only causing more Americans to ask if he’s really fit to serve as President of the United States.

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