Is America headed for another civil war? This General certainly believes so . . .

Despite campaign promises of unity and equality, Joe Biden has done more to divide America in the last year than anyone could have imagined.

Pitting the vaccinated against the unvaccinated is only a small step in the Left’s efforts to divide Americans.

Now some are asking if America is headed for another civil war. This General certainly believes so . . .

General Stanley McChrystal may be a name that sounds vaguely familiar but you’re not sure why.

McChrystal was famously fired by then-president Barack Obama in 2010 after he criticized Joe Biden – who was Vice President at the time – in a Rolling Stone article.

Oddly enough, McChrystal went on 10 years later to endorse Biden in the 2020 Presidential race.

Now McChrystal is telling Americans that he believes the country is inching closer to a civil war.

“You know, I don’t want to be more alarmist than I should be, but what stops a society from just completely fragmenting in that case?” McChrystal stated. “What stops a civil war? We all say, ‘It could never happen here again,’ and unlike 1860 there’s not this overriding economic issue of slavery . . . but now we’ve got this tribalism that I would argue may be as strong as it was back then.”

The Left has power over almost every industry in the country from Big Tech to Big Business and they’re not afraid to wield that power.

America found itself thrust into the age of “woke” over the last year and if you’re not “woke” then you’re not part of the majority – or so the Left likes to claim.

Most Americans alive today have never experienced things like blatant censorship and discrimination against someone for their political beliefs, but it has become almost commonplace over the last year and a half.

Joe Biden and his Democrat allies are the driving force behind the resurgence of actual segregation in the United States.

“So, what’s to stop people from no longer identifying themselves as Americans and start identifying themselves as liberal Americans, or conservative Americans, or this American or that American and then saying, ‘Well, why don’t we have our own state or our own nation? I don’t think it’s at all impossible that we would start to hear that,” McChrystal concluded.

This is exactly what the Democrats want and are pushing hard to achieve – a divided nation.

Everyone knows that a divided people is not a strong people and it leaves the door wide open for government power grab bigger than anything we’ve seen yet.

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