Ilhan Omar wants to impeach Clarence Thomas because of this bombshell letter

Democrats are furious at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

But now Democrats are crossing a line.

And Ilhan Omar wants to impeach Clarence Thomas because of this bombshell letter.

Democrats launched a smear campaign against Justice Thomas by targeting his wife Ginni.

Ginni Thomas is a longtime conservative activist who believed Democrats stole the 2020 election from President Trump.

The Committee already leaked text messages from Thomas to Trump’s Chief-of-Staff, Mark Meadows, where she urged the former President to contest the election results.

The January 6 witch hunt then took one step closer to full-on war when the Committee fired off a letter to Ginni Thomas demanding she testify before the kangaroo court.

“The Committee believes that you likely have information relevant to our investigation, and we request an interview with you to discuss your knowledge of certain events and activities following the November 2020 Presidential election,” the Committee’s letter stated. “We respect your privacy, and our questions will be limited to issues relating to January 6th, the activities that contributed to or influenced events on January 6th, and the transfer of power after the Presidential election.”

The Committee asked Thomas for any “documents and communications referring or relating in any way to plans, efforts, or discussions regarding challenging, decertifying, overturning, contesting, or delaying the results or certification of the 2020 Presidential election,” as well as “all documents and communications with Department of Justice officials or employees related in any way to the 2020 election.”

January 6 Committee members took the step of demanding Ginni Thomas testify to try to smear her for speaking with Trump lawyer John Eastman, who once clerked for Justice Thomas.

The Committee zeroed in on Eastman, who wrote a legal memo explaining why he thought Vice President Mike Pence had the ability to reject certified Electoral College votes on January 6.

“In early December, his efforts were in full swing. A federal court recently stated that ‘his and President Trump’s pressure campaign to stop the electoral count . . . targeted every tier of federal and state elected officials,’” the letter added. “The Select Committee has obtained evidence that you had certain communications with John Eastman during this time period. We believe you may have information concerning John Eastman’s plans and activities relevant to our investigation.”

The Committee’s real goal is to link Eastman to Justice Thomas using his wife Ginni as the go-between.

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar said back in March that Democrats already had enough to impeach Justice Thomas.

“What we know, if investigated further, could absolutely be grounds for potential impeachment,” Omar declared.

This is an ugly campaign to smear Ginni Thomas as a seditionist in order to allow Democrats to impeach Justice Thomas as payback for the Supreme Court potentially overturning Roe v. Wade.

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