Ilhan Omar wants the President to make this radical cancelation that will make Bidenflation even worse

    President Joe Biden has done such a terrible job running the country, his supporters are fleeing at a breakneck pace.

    With the 2022 Midterms quickly approaching, the President is scrambling to figure out how to keep some of his core voters.

    Now Ilhan Omar is making a demand of the President that will trade America’s economy for some Democrat votes.

    The Squad’s Ilhan Omar is demanding President Joe Biden establish a new trillion-dollar entitlement package that would largely benefit Democrat voters.

    Rep. Omar is calling on President Biden to make an executive order wiping out all student loan debt.

    Apparently, the Representative, who once allegedly married her brother to commit immigration fraud, isn’t concerned about what a massive government spending program would mean to already four-decade-high inflation rates – now sitting at 8.5%.

    “We’re here to tell the President, with a stroke of a pen, he can, and should and must, cancel student debt, period,” the Squad original said. “We have 45-million people in this country who are shackled with student debt. We have to realize that’s 45-million people who are putting off that opportunity to start that business they wanted to start. It’s 45-million people who are putting off the family they want to start.”

    There are multiple problems with Rep. Omar’s assessment.

    First of all, the 45-million people number was pulled out of thin air.

    Forbes reports the current proposal of “forgiving” up to $50,000 in student loans would benefit 29.9-million people.

    Second, a debt cannot go unpaid – either the debtor or the debtee pays off the loan.

    So, by wiping out college loan debt for students who went to college and agreed to pay back their loans, Omar and Biden are forcing every other working American to cover the cost of loans they had nothing to do with and are not benefitting from.

    Third, according to about 35-million Americans have worked hard and made sacrifices to fully pay off their student loans.

    Canceling the balance for those who have decided to prioritize other things ahead of paying off their debuts, is a direct and harsh slap in the face to those who did the right thing and lived up to the commitment.

    The next issue is who student loan cancelation benefits the most – young, white, liberals.

    Forbes reports Omar and Biden’s plan predominantly benefits student loan borrowers under age 40.

    Meanwhile, according to, 40.2% of white undergraduate students use student loans to pay for school – with 55% of all student loans going to white students.

    Comparatively, 50.8% of black students use student loans – with 20% of loans going to black students.

    Some political analysts are speculating this move coming so close to the 2022 Midterms – which by all indicators are shaping up to be a red tsunami – is a veiled attempt to buy votes from young voters.

    A recent Quinnipiac poll has President Biden sitting with 58% disapproval with voters aged 18-34.

    Meanwhile, only 21% of that same age group approve of Biden’s job performance – a negative 37-point approval rating.

    Just one year ago, 18–34-year-olds gave the President a +6-approval rating.

    And it’s an even further drop from 2020 exit polling that showed a historically high youth vote with Biden winning 65% of 18- to 24-year-olds and 60% of 18- to 29-year-olds enroute to the White House.

    The Quinnipiac Poll isn’t alone, the latest Gallup survey also showed Biden’s approval rating dropping 20-points among Gen Z and millennial voters since the beginning of 2021.

    Wiping out student loans would be Biden’s best bet to enthuse his young supporters to show up to vote in November – even if it’s at the price of making already struggling families fall further into financial hardships.

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