Ilhan Omar said one word about the Special Counsel investigating Biden that left MSNBC viewers floored

Joe Biden is under fire over the news that he stole classified documents during his time as Vice President and hid them at multiple locations.

Democrats would normally circle the wagons and protect Joe Biden from facing any criticism.

But Ilhan Omar said one word about the Special Counsel investigating Biden that left MSNBC viewers floored.

Back in August, dozens of armed FBI agents raided Donald Trump’s private estate in Mar-a-Lago over a dispute he had with the National Archives over classified documents.

Since August, Democrats from Joe Biden on down have attacked Donald Trump for allegedly stealing classified documents and called on Merrick Garland to bring charges against him for it.

That all changed last week when news broke that Joe Biden stole classified documents from his time as Vice President and hid them in multiple locations over the past six years.

But now that the tables have turned, instead of rushing to Joe Biden’s defense, most Democrats are distancing themselves from the President in hopes of avoiding any fallout from the classified documents scandal.

California Congressman Adam Schiff – a partisan hack who led numerous witch hunts against Trump – admitted that Merrick Garland made the right decision by appointing a Special Counsel to investigate Joe Biden.

And in another sign of bad news for Joe Biden, far-Left Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar refused to defend him stealing classified documents and hiding them in unsecured locations.

On Saturday, Ilhan Omar appeared on MSNBC’s Symone to discuss the classified documents scandal with host Symone Sanders.

“Start by getting your reaction to the news of today,” Sanders began. “Six pages now – no additional pages of classified documents having been found at President Biden’s home in Delaware.”

Omar’s response put jaws on the floor.

Instead of defending Biden, Omar said she was “glad” Garland appointed a Special Counsel to investigate the President.

“Well, one, I’m glad that there is a special prosecutor that’s been appointed to investigate this,” Omar said.

Even left-wing host Symone Sanders was taken aback by Omar’s response.

“You are glad that there’s a special prosecutor,” Sanders said. “Tell me why.”

Omar told Sanders that this is something that “should be taken seriously” and that it “should be investigated.”

Joe Biden is facing the biggest scandal of his entire Presidency.

His political future is on the line.

But Democrats are turning on Biden and throwing him under the bus in an effort to protect themselves.

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