If you thought you’d seen it all from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez you were dead wrong

    The desperation of the Democrats is beginning to show.

    They are engaging in embarrassing behavior to avoid getting wiped out in the midterms.

    And if you thought you’d seen it all from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez you were dead wrong.

    The Left are desperate to portray themselves as the plucky underdogs even though they control all of America’s power centers.

    Even big business, the military, and the churches are trending “woke.”

    That’s why Democrat members of Congress staged a pro-abortion protest outside the Supreme Court that resulted in 16 of them getting “arrested.”

    And one of the arrestees was spotlight hog Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    She pretended to get handcuffed and perp-walked while also throwing up the power fist.

    The entire episode was an orchestrated media stunt.

    Ilhan Omar was caught smiling while getting escorted away.

    If any Democrat member of Congress were actually arrested in earnest for a protest, the entire establishment would come down on the offers like a ton of bricks.

    They would be doxxed and fired immediately.

    But because the congressmen wanted to get arrested, everyone is simply supposed to go along with the obvious charade.

    Ocasio-Cortez was called out for the photo op on Instagram when one post read, “Why the publicity stunt with acting like you’re being arrested? It’s just foolish and makes you look silly … acting like you’re cuffed and like you’re some sort of hero was just too much for me.”

    That Instagram user, and many others, saw the desperate act for what it was.

    Ocasio-Cortez claimed that the protest was not a “publicity stunt…for a headline,” but she quickly contradicted herself when she wrote, “[M]edia cycles go FAST and the attention and urgency on Roe can easily fade. We must keep eyes on the issue. Civil disobedience is a highly effective way of accomplishing that, and it is a trained discipline.”

    So in other words she was trying to grab a headline in order to keep the abortion issue front and center in the press.

    Thus far, the tactic is not working.

    Republicans maintain a historic 2-point lead in the generic Congressional ballot, which translates to a likely red wave in the midterms.

    Ocasio-Cortez added that putting her hands behind her back even though she was not cuffed was “a best practice when under arrest, whether you are handcuffed or not, because it can help you prevent more serious charges like resisting arrest.”

    If only the Democrats would preach this message to the handful of people who resist arrest and unnecessarily escalate engagement with police officers that sometimes result in serious harm or death.

    But then Black Lives Matter wouldn’t have a fundraising platform for the Democrats.

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